Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reliner | A Comprehensive Look

Dentures are usually custom-fitted for every mouth. They are supposed to last up to seven years. However, sometimes dentures no longer fit properly when changes like losing or changing bones happen in your mouth. This is when the product of Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, the Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reliner comes to the rescue.

Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reliner Details

Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reliner is definitely one you can opt for when you need to temporarily reline your dentures if they stop fitting after long use . It can be used to get the dentures to fit properly in your mouth once again. Better than Sea-Bond, this denture reliner is softer, which is the one factor that makes the reliner kit, the best of them all. For the record, making a soft reline yourself at home by using a soft denture reliner kit is the least costly option to help you get less irritated by loose and troublesome dentures. The reliner also won’t crack easily. The mixture will provide a far better alternative to cheap powders and pastes. There is a mixing cup accompanying the product that you can use to create the solution. Other than that, the fact that this reliner is easier to remove compared to other solutions, giving it an edge above the other reliners. The best thing about Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reliner is that the packaging gives you enough reliner to be used for both the upper and lower plate. The reliner can also be used on partial dentures. Additionally, the packaging is enclosed with detailed instructions of how you can use the product. The sheets tell you everything you need to do, from A to Z, to mix the Acryline and reline your dentures. Thus, applying your own reliner won’t be a problem if you have trouble going to the dentist. Making it better, the company also offers you a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reliner comes with two applications, liquid and powder. The liquid ingredients used in the Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reliner are Ethyl alcohol and 2-Ethylhexyl Diphenyl Phosphate. The powder ingredients consist of Benzoyl Peroxide, Cadmium pigments, Ethyl Methacrylate and Titanium Dioxide. Note that this product is zinc free. The product dimensions are 3 x 1.7 x 5.7 inches and weighs only 0.8 ounces. The product is manufactured by Sheffield Pharmaceuticals after they acquired it in February 2014 from Lee Pharmaceuticals.


Pros and Cons

As stated above, Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reliner can be used on partial dentures too. However, it can only adhere to acrylic, plastic and porcelain partials. The product cannot be applied on metal plates. Other than that, the bottle containing the liquid is not properly sealed, hence it can cause leakage. The product will also leave your mouth with a weird taste that will last for a few days. However, if you can adjust and adapt to it, it won’t really be a problem.

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Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reliner, made for both upper and lower plates, will definitely help you get rid of the discomfort of soggy pastes and powders by giving you the firm fit you need. Its soft property will definitely give you comfort and you can enjoy it long enough before seeking a dentist to fix your dentures. Acryline 2 Temporary Denture Reliner is by far one of the best reliners on the market.

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