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Like most other valuable things, you realize the worth of your teeth only after they are gone. In our daily routines, taking care of our teeth usually takes a backseat to things in our daily life. People do not usually understand the importance of their teeth, but miss them terribly when they lose them. Losing a tooth, or multiple teeth, can be the result of accidents, injuries or poor oral health. Missing teeth give rise to a lot of problems, like difficulty in eating food and talking properly. This is actually where the dentures play a major role. There are a lot of advantages of dentures. We discuss some of them below.

advantages of dentures

Advantages of Dentures

For a lot of people, the gaps created due to missing teeth are a reason for a lot of embarrassment. They avoid socializing with friends, keep a low profile in the office and completely isolate themselves. This is certainly an extremely unhealthy attitude and have adverse effects on your psyche. Using dentures, on the other hand, can enable them to get back their lost self confidence. They successfully fill the gaps that are left behind by their lost teeth and improve the overall look of their face to a great extent. Thus, they will be able to lead better lives on a professional as well as a personal level. Thanks to dentures, the remaining teeth can be prevented from shifting further.

Dentures are worn to replace missing or lost teeth. Its materials vary from a combination of metals to acrylic resin. There are two kinds of dentures. Complete dentures are worn in place of all teeth, while partial dentures are meant to fill in gaps between teeth. Partial dentures are also known as dental bridges. A dentist may prescribe immediate or conventional dentures, depending on your needs. Immediate dentures can be worn right after the teeth have been pulled out, while conventional dentures are put on after the gum tissue has healed.

Summary of various types of dentures:

  1. Complete denture — it is for your full jaw and there should not be any tooth in your mouth, otherwise it cannot fit.
  2. Partial denture — if you have lost one or more teeth then this is the choice for you.
  3. Removable denture — this kind of denture are for those who have only few teeth. The denture can be placed on the jaw with support of the remaining teeth, but the remaining teeth should be strong.
  4. Conventional Dentures — this is the type of denture that is placed once the bones and gums have healed after the removal of natural teeth.
  5. Immediate Dentures — these are placed as soon as the natural teeth are removed, but the healing of the gums and jaw will change the fit of immediate dentures. The patient will typically need a new set of dentures in about six months.
  6. Natural Looking Cosmetic Dentures — these dentures are made with modern ceramic porcelain teeth instead of traditional plastic prosthetic teeth. That’s why these have natural look.

Some people that have a negative perception of dentures. This is chiefly thanks to the negative stigma that some folks attach to them. Contrary to what they may believe, these devices truly give many great amount of freedom.

For instance, advantages of dentures include providing folks the chance to avoid the everyday embarrassment of having missing teeth. There are literally some people that build jokes concerning those that are missing one or more of their teeth. They’ll not mean any harm by it, however, their comments hurt a number of those they’re geared toward. There are even some comedians and sitcoms that incorporate these styles of jokes into their jokes. Imagine watching these shows, knowing that the joke is being aimed right at you. Of course, there are some people that would not take it too personally, however there are others whose feelings would be very hurt.

Dentures can help remedy these embarrassing moments and feelings and help rebuild the confidence of those who wear them.

Attempting to eat without teeth can be quite troublesome. For example, if you are missing your front teeth, it would be very hard to eat an apple. On the other hand, folks missing a number of their back teeth would have a tough time with steak. The good news is that folks do not have to simply accept these problems. There are replacements out there that get the job done just as good as real teeth, or even better.

Lastly, dentures can fill out the face of those that wear them and make the user look more attractive. This is not to say that those without teeth cannot look attractive. But dentures can help bring back the bone structure lost when the teeth were lost, as well.

Other advantages of dentures include:

Natural Appearance

Indeed, nobody can deny the fact that modern dentures have an almost natural appearance and a striking similarity with your original teeth. So, those who were feeling embarrassed or awkward due to absence of their teeth can get a great amount of relief.

Almost Zero Dietary Restrictions

When you have no teeth, it is tough to let go of your favorite delicacies, especially solid foods. But, once you have dentures, these problems are eliminated.

Affordable Yet Long Lasting

As far as the expenses are concerned, getting a denture in Sun City, AZ comes cheaper than dental implants. And, they have great durability, too. The advantages of dentures are numerous.

However, they have several disadvantages, too. These include having to maintain the apparatus and excessive movement while talking and eating.

Dentures are a wise choice if you do not want to spend a lot of money for tooth replacement procedures. They are extremely affordable and well within the reach of almost everyone. Other dental treatments like dental bridges and implants will be more expensive. Though the above mentioned treatments will provide you with a lot more comfort, not everybody can be considered to be a candidate for them. If you have poor oral health, you cannot go ahead with those treatments. That is why you need a proper oral examination to check whether dental implants are an option for you.

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