Archtek Denture Storage and Cleaning Kit | Review

For many denture wearers, most standard denture cases are not a discreet enough option for their storage and cleaning needs, especially when traveling. The Archtek Denture Storage and Cleaning Kit by Archtek offers an all in one dental maintenance kit for denture wearers that is large enough for cleaning and storage, but small enough to be discreet when away from home. Archtek has been a name in dental health supplies for over twenty years. Based in Lakewood, Colorado, Archtek products are highly rated by dental professionals and consumers alike.

Archtek Denture Storage and Cleaning Kit Details

Archtek Denture Storage and Cleaning Kit features a compact denture case and ergonomically designed denture brush to aid in cleaning. It is an all in one product and can be stored neatly with the brush inside the case. There is an interior draining basket for hands free removal to reduce the amount of mess and touching required when cleaning dentures. This compact kit is discreet and the perfect size for travel. While the case is compact and attractively designed, it is big enough to hold both a lower and upper denture at the same time.

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Pros and Cons

For some users, the denture case is slightly too shallow when used with two dentures. The depth of the case can also be an issue when filling the case with water and a denture tablet for cleaning because the water will cool quickly and some tablets will not dissolve completely; this can be remedied by ensuring that the water added to the case is hot. Some dentures will be too large for this case; those who have large dentures may find that their dentures will not fit inside this case. However, despite the flaws the slim profile and compact size present, the Archtek case is an inexpensive option for many people who do not want their dentures to be obvious when being stored overnight.

Most users like the self contained aspect of this kit because the Archtek case offers a slimmer profile than most standard denture cases, but its brush fits inside the case for increased portability. This kit can also be used for retainers and many retainer users find its portability is perfect for daily use, specifically when they are on-the-go and need to remove their retainer while they are out and about. It fits in purses, travel bags, and cabin baggage well and allows denture wearers the option of traveling light.

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For economy of space, this storage and cleaning kit cannot be beat. It is highly rated for travel use and for its discretion. It is not without flaws and cannot be used for all dentures because it is limited by its size. There are also some leaking issues when it is overfilled due to its shallow design and when using denture tablets for an overnight soak, users may have to alter their normal routine slightly. But for those who are looking for a compact denture cleaning and storage kit, the Archtek Denture Storage and Cleaning kit is a great option.


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