ATB White Denture Bath Review | A Detailed Analysis

Having a natural, white smile is critical as it helps in improving one’s quality of life. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, you may lose your teeth. Without teeth, having a natural smile will not be possible, as it may even affect your facial muscles. However, if you have lost your teeth, you do not have to worry; you can use dentures. Dentures help in restoring a natural white smile, as well as offering support to the facial muscles so that your face will remain as normal as possible. For dentures to retain their original white appearance, they have to be cleaned regularly using the right denture cleaner. To soak your dentures, it is important to use the right denture bath. A suitable holder does not only ensure that your dentures get a thorough cleaning, but that they are also safe when soaked.


ATB White Denture Bath Details

ATB White Denture Bath is one of the best holders available on the market today. They are manufactured by ATB, a corporation that has a long history in manufacturing dentures, dental supplies, and other small appliances. ATB is a relatively new company, but their denture holders are of superior quality compared to other brands. The company has experienced massive success in selling their bath retainer boxes, as many dentists recommend them.

ATB White Denture Bath is quite efficient at soaking, cleaning, and holding dentures. One of its advantages is that it has a tight lid, therefore it does not leak water even if you are traveling. Besides, it comes with a premium cleaning cup, which is just the right size. The cup is deep enough to hold a full pair of dentures. The holder comes in a white, shiny color, which is very appealing to the eyes. The product is quite durable, meaning you don’t have to replace your denture holder anytime soon.

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The denture holder has a soaking cup that measures 3.45″ x 3″ x 2″ deep. That is more than enough size to hold a pair of dentures. Its shipping weight is only 0.3 ounces. It is quite good for overnight soaking of dentures or their daily cleaning. The product is also shipped fast, such that you don’t have to wait for long when you purchase it.


Pros and Cons

As much as ATB White Denture Bath is superior in quality, it has some few concerns that need to be put into consideration. The product comes in one color only. Some people are very choosy when it comes to color, and would prefer a variety of colors to choose from. However, given its efficiency, one should overlook the color, as the product still serves superbly. This denture holder is one of the best in the market today, and I would recommend it to anyone over the other brands.

Many people recommend this product and give it an excellent rating. Some clients claim that it leaks, but that results when the lid is not properly closed. Most of its users find it to be of excellent quality and a fantastic design. Additionally, they recommend it for its capacity to hold dentures effectively, while consuming less space.

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Conclusion and Rating

I would give ATB White Denture Bath  five out of five stars in rating. The holders are quite useful for people who frequently travel, because when the lid is closed properly, then there are no leaks. However, individuals who want bright colors should consider other brands, since the denture holders come in one color only.

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