Best False Teeth Adhesive

False teeth, also known as, artificial teeth, dentures, or dental plates typically will need a false teeth adhesive to help hold them firmly in place. A new set of false teeth, if fitted properly, may not need an adhesive at all. However, over time the gums in your mouth may recede and the suction from your dentures will not be as strong causing you to need an adhesive to hold them in place. A good dental adhesive will help you maintain a good suction and not allow food particles to get stuck under your dentures which can cause irritation.

Choosing the Best False Teeth Adhesive

There are many different types of dental adhesives you can buy in stores and online. They can come in cream, powder or sticky adhesive tape form. Some dental adhesives have flavors, some don’t. Many false teeth adhesives use zinc for a firmer hold. However, if you ingest too much zinc, you can get zinc poisoning. With all these different brands how do you go about choosing the best false teeth adhesive? It is much like trial an error. You want an adhesive that has a strong hold, preferably a good taste and feel, and is easy to clean off of your dentures. It also has a lot to do with your own personal preferences. Some people prefer a minty taste while others prefer not to have any taste at all.

Review Of Best False Teeth Adhesives

I found three different types of false teeth adhesives that stood above the rest of the brands on the market. I chose one cream, one powder and one adhesive strip brand to review more closely as the best false teeth adhesives on the market.

Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive Cream Review

If you prefer not to have any flavors or artificial coloring this product is for you. It is virtually tasteless. Super Poligrip lasts all day with a strong and secure hold. It helps eliminate friction between gums and dentures and locks food out. This is a zinc free product, so there is no risk of zinc overdose. This bottle also features an ooze control tip so that you are not making a big mess when applying this cream to your false teeth. Super Poligrip is comfortable and feels natural. You will almost forget you are wearing false teeth!

false teeth adhesive

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  • All day strong hold
  • Helps prevent irritation of the gums
  • Flavorless
  • No artificial colors
  • Zinc-free


  • Some consumers have stated this product only last 10-18 hours, not 24 hours

Fixodent False Teeth Adhesive Powder Review

Some people prefer not to have powder adhesives because they think powder adhesives may be a little complicated to use. However, the process is quite simple and takes no time at all! You simple rinse off your dentures. Then while your false teeth are still wet you apply a thin covering of powder to the dental plates. Be sure to shake off any excess powder. Finally, firmly put your dentures in place. Fixodent provides a long lasting all day hold. It forms a firm seal that reduces friction and slippage. Fixodent also locks out food that could cause gum irritation. Keep in mind that Fixodent powder does contain zinc. If you accidently consume to much zinc it may not be good for you.

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  • Easy to apply
  • No added flavors
  • All day strong hold
  • Forms a seal that locks out food
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back Policy
  • #1 Dentist Recommended


  • Contains Zinc

Sea Bond Denture Adhesive Strips Review

Sea Bond Denture Adhesive strips are amazing. If you dislike pastes, powders or gels this might be your favorite option. Simply stick the adhesive to your dental plate and firmly put your dentures in place. Sea Bond has a natural, soft feel that won’t irritate your gums. It provides a natural seal to lock out food. Some people have stated that Sea Bond provides a better seal than other top brands. It cushions your gums and helps eliminate friction. If you want a chemical free, natural fit, Sea Bond Adhesive strips are a wonderful choice.

false teeth adhesive

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  • Easy clean up, no paste or oozy mess
  • Zinc-free
  • Tasteless
  • Soft and natural feeling


  • You may have to cut strips to fit your dentures properly

Final Thoughts

False teeth are a very personal topic for many and as all personal topics go, choosing the best false teeth adhesive is also based on personal preferences. All three of the best false teeth adhesive that I reviewed above come highly recommended by customers who use these products on a daily basis. I really like all three brands. Each brand has its pros and cons. So, when choosing a false teeth adhesive think about what is most important to you in a dental adhesive. If I had to choose a brand above, I think my favorite would be SEA Bond. There are no real chemicals and it provides a great cushion between the gum line and false teeth. But, don’t just take my word for it. Try these brands for yourself before making a final decision I want you truly works for you. It’s important to research and experiment for yourself. Everyone is different and you won’t know what works for you unless you take a trial run.