History of Dentures | A Walk Back Through Time

Even though the modern set of dentures were invented early in the 1800s, mankind has always needed false teeth. Coincidentally, the time when dentures were needed the most was because of the growth in dental problems due to the rapidly increasing consumption of sugar. Between 1860 and 1890, the sugar consumption of British people rose […]

Advantages of Dentures | A Rundown

Like most other valuable things, you realize the worth of your teeth only after they are gone. In our daily routines, taking care of our teeth usually takes a backseat to things in our daily life. People do not usually understand the importance of their teeth, but miss them terribly when they lose them. Losing […]

Causes of Tooth Loss | An Overview | Denture Adhesive Guide

Teeth are a living part of the body and need the same type of proper care that any other body part needs in order to sustain their wellness. They need the help of a toothbrush to get off oral plaque from the areas where it develops. While you might be able to do this at […]

Oral Hygiene and Dentures | How to Prevent Disease

Dentures are essential in the field of dentistry today. These are prosthetic devices designed to act as replacements for missing teeth. Undoubtedly, the dentures do their job well by bringing back the natural smile to your face, but there are certain areas where considerable care needs to be taken to avoid oral health complications. Dentures […]

Visit Your Dentist | How Often to Go | A Quick Guide

Dentures are prosthetic teeth used to fill in or replace lost teeth. They are usually made of plastic with metal bases (some are made with plastic bases as well) and are fitted in the mouth by a qualified dentist. Some people feel that since dentures are not real teeth, they do not need to be […]

What to Avoid When Wearing Dentures | A Quick Guide

Dental technology has significantly improved and made some vast strides over the last few years. Conventional dental care solutions are one of them— including dentures, partials and bridges that all address a subset of the problems associated with missing teeth. For those who need of dentures, the procedure can be a trying one to regain […]

Denture Adhesive Ingredients | Understanding How They Work

Denture adhesive ingredients are generally defined as a commercially available, non-toxic, soluble or insoluble material that is placed on the tissue surface to amplify the retention, stability and performance of the denture. This also gives the patient an increased sense of security while wearing the prosthesis. Denture adhesives are sometimes called fixatives or adherents and […]

Dry Mouth and Dentures | How to Treat and Prevent It

Our mouths and teeth are often under-appreciated because of how simple they may seem. This may cause people to stop taking good care of them which may lead to several unpleasant conditions. Like the very common idiom; one does not know the worth of something until it is lost. A well-functioning mouth is a goal […]

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Dentures | Tips and Tricks

Tips to Keep Your Dentures Clean and Maintained- Denture Cleaning Dentures give you your life back after losing your original teeth, either in an accident or due to gum disease or tooth decay. To maintain your perfect smile and sustain their functionality for a long time, they need good care and thorough denture cleaning. A […]

Health Problems Related to Sleeping in Dentures

Dentures, also referred to as removable false teeth, provide several benefits to people who have lost their natural teeth. They help them to regain their ability to eat a broad variety of foods— including both hard and soft. They help the wearer to speak more openly, as well as smile naturally and with confidence. However, […]