Clean-It Denture Wipes Review

What it is and What it Does:

The Clean-It Denture cleaning wipes boast the ability to wipe away denture adhesive with ease utilizing an abrasive medium, while being gentle enough not to harm the dentures. These wipes may be used on both the consumer’s gums and palates, as well as the actual dental appliances. Clean-It Denture Wipes provide a convenient way to clean these dental items without going through an entire routine of washing just to remove the adhesive. The abrasive element of the denture wipe grabs and lifts the creams and adhesives.

Features of Clean-It Denture Wipes

  • These wipes are made with brand new Magna-Tex fabric. This revolutionary fabric is specially made with adhesive-lifting technology.
  • The large size provides maximum cleaning ability and an extraordinary amount of usable surface area to clean with.
  • Wiping down dry initially and then wetting the wipe for a final rub ensures the most effectiveness of the wipes.


  • These high quality wipes easily whisk away leftover denture adhesive and denture cream from gums, palates and dental appliances.
  • Consumers can use these wipes for a speedy surface cleaning of their dental appliances when they are not able to complete a total cleaning.

Technical Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 13.9 x 4.2 x 3.7 in
  • Actual wipe size: 9.8 x 7.8 in
  • Shipping weight: 12 oz
  • Ranks #4232 on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Health and Personal Care, Oral Care.
  • UPC: 010705400302

Product Features and Benefits

Using dental wipes are convenient for dental appliance wearers to rid their dentures, gums and palates of adhesives and creams. The abrasiveness of the wipe is strong enough to conquer these stubborn mediums, yet gentle enough to be used directly in the mouth with no scratching or nasty taste. Having a large wipe also ensures that the dental appliances are totally wiped off.


  • Clean-It Denture WipesPortability of wipes ensures a thorough cleaning at any time.
  • New technology ensures all leftover adhesives and creams are lifted.
  • Cost per wipe is very little.
  • Can be used on all parts that adhesive or cream touches.
  • Easily disposable.
  • No additional moisture is needed.


  • Do not provide sanitation or sterilization.
  • Mostly good for a quick wipe down.
  • Does not remove debris from cracks and crevasses.


Significantly larger than a simple moist towelette or piece of toilet paper yet a bit smaller than a regular paper towel, the Clean-It denture wipes provide a large piece of material to rub away denture adhesives and creams. More durable than paper towels or tissues, the Magna-Tex technology is specially designed to lift adhesives from dental appliances while being gentle enough to leave the dentures unscathed and with no foul taste. Users may be confident that their dental appliances can be cleaned in a pinch at any given time. As their saying claims, “No scrubbing, no brushing, no mess”. It should be noted that though these do provide a great way to clean dental appliances quickly, they do not replace regularly sanitizing them to remove all odor-causing bacteria, plaque, food buildup or film.

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