CleanGuard Night Guard Cleaner | A Detailed Summary

This product review is important for denture wearers and other dental appliance users because they’ll learn about a product that cleans properly in order to achieve a better oral hygiene. Although oral health it’s usually taken for granted, it’s a very important matter, especially for those who use dental appliances, because they have higher a risk of getting oral diseases than those who don’t use such appliances. In the following review I will discuss the only product developed so far by the company Cleanguard: the Night Guard Cleaner, a tough anti-bacterial cleanser with a non-abrasive formula specially designed for night guards, but also perfect for other dental appliances such as dentures.

CleanGuard Night Guard Cleaner Details

What makes the CleanGuard Night Guard Cleaner special? For starters, as stated above, it has a potent yet non-abrasive formula that leaves dentures perfectly clean without harming them. There are other benefits of this product worth mentioning:

  1. Its ingredients aren’t toxic.
  2. It’s easy to use: Just open the package, drop one tab of the product into a glass of water, insert your denture while CleanGuard is dissolving, then let it soak for fifteen minutes and finally remove and rinse the denture.
  3. It’s cheaper than other similar products: a single box of this product contains five tubes with twenty tablets each, so you won’t be needing to buy another box for at least a hundred days.
  4. It reportedly leaves a good taste in the mouth and no coughs are caused after using it, unlike Fresh Guard Crystals.


The product comes in a single package (100 tablets) and has six simple ingredients: Thymol, Menthol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Monosodium Citrate, PVP-K30, Mint Flavor and Sodium Benzoate. Those ingredients, conveniently put together on this product, are all you need to perform a perfect denture clean, which makes the CleanGuard, in my opinion, the most effective of its kind, considering the fact that in order to get similar cleansing results it’d be necessary to buy separately each and every one of the mentioned ingredients which is more expensive (without mentioning the time spent on getting and mixing such ingredients, and the hassle of needing to brush the denture or using other cleansing methods which could damage such dental appliance).

Pros and Cons

This only drawback to this product is that its tube caps are hard to open. This is especially problematic for people who suffer from arthritis. Although I consider that this is a minor issue that the manufacturer naturally has to handle, the user can solve it by changing the tabs to a better recipient. So, being that the only disadvantage that this product has, I think that its pros outweigh its cons.

Conclusion and Rating

Summarizing, as stated above, it’s the general opinion that this product is a great and cheap night guard cleaner that can also be used for dentures cleansing, it’s reportedly easy to use, leaves a good taste in the mouth and its main disadvantage is the fact that its tube caps are hard to open, which is a minor issue but not really a deal breaker. Taking all that into account I rate this product with four stars.