D.O.C. Denture Wipes Review

What it is and What it Does:

D.O.C. Denture Wipes provide a way to clean dentures and dental appliances of creams and adhesives that are used to adhere the dentures or help with soreness. Retailing for a modest $9.16, these large wipes provide ample area to clear dentures of any sticky products using Magna-Tex technology.

Features of D.O.C. Denture Wipes

This breakthrough engineering provides an abrasive surface perfect for removing products that are added to enhance the suction or staying power of dental appliances. Providing confidence to consumers that their dentures will be cleared, DOC denture wipes furnish the elements that are needed for a thorough cleaning.

  • Measuring at almost 10 in by 8 in, D.O.C. Denture Wipes provide  plenty of area to use to wipe dental appliances and gums.
  • Magna-Tex grabs the adhesives and clears it away from dentures without leaving scratches.
  • These convenient wipes are a quick alternative to brushing dental appliances with a toothbrush.


  • D.O.C. Denture Wipes grab ointments and adhesives to quickly clear dentures.
  • Dental appliance users no longer have to use harsh toothbrushes to clean gums and palates of leftover creams and adhesives.

Technical Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 3.7×4.6×2 in
  • Product weight: 1.9 pounds
  • ASIN: B00FL08JRU
  • Ranks #346,029 on Amazon’s Bestsellers in Health & Personal Care, Personal Care.

Product Features and Benefits

Stronger and more specialized than paper towels, D.O.C. Denture Wipes provide a fast and efficient way to remove debris from dentures with no worry of harsh chemicals or unpleasant tastes or odors left behind. It is not necessary to use any additional water with these wipes for the initial wiping, but it is recommended to get them moist for a final wipe down. The size of these wipes provides ample material for the user to clear out the larger canals in dental appliances while steering clear of making a mess. It is not necessary to scrub, thanks to the abrasive side of the wipe made with Magna-Tex technology.


  • D.O.C. Denture WipesQuick and easy way to rid dentures of adherent and ointment.
  • Abrasive towelette lifts even the most stubborn adhesives.
  • Can easily be disposed of.
  • Is not irritating to gums or palates.
  • Wipes are a large size.


  • Does not provide sterilization.
  • Will not remove stubborn, built up plaque.
  • It is not an alternative to regular denture cleanings.


Using a toothbrush to remove adhesives and creams from dentures and gums can be unpleasant and a bit too rough. Utilizing gentle wipes provides a more mild way to clear dental appliances and palates of used adhesives and creams. Though the wipes do not totally sanitize and clear the dental appliances of microorganisms and odor-causing bacteria, they lift the obvious debris and gunk off.

Cleaning with wipes does not replace routine cleanings and sanitizing procedures performed in a dentist’s office. Adding denture cleaning wipes to a nightly routine in lieu of scrubbing with a toothbrush provides a simple way to cut down on the time wasted and mess that cleaning with a toothbrush may cause. Confidently clean out dental appliances with a quick wipe (no scrubbing) and toss the waste in the garbage when complete.

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