Dental Appliance Cleansing Towelettes Review

What it is and What it Does:

The dental appliance cleansing wipes are a game changer for those individuals that wear dental appliances. Utilizing these at home or on the go can make for a quick cleaning, wiping away adhesives and ointments, plaque, stains and odors. Users can be confident that this product will fit into their lifestyle either as an alternative to rinsing dental appliances in public restrooms, or as an addition to their routine. There is no water required to use these- none needs to be added to activate the chemicals in the towelettes, and the dental appliances do not need to be rinsed off after they towelette is used on them. Removing everything from adhesives and ointments to food and odor causing bacteria, the Cleanse Freshen Go wipes are the do-it-all of dental appliance cleansing wipes.

Features of Dental Appliance Cleansing Wipes

  • Dental Appliance Cleansing TowelettesThe microtextured towelettes trap the debris and microorganisms that are being wiped away, making for a cleaning that doesn’t end in a mess.
  • Each towelette is folded and wrapped individually, making it easy for users to carry them everywhere and on a daily basis- even in their pockets.


  • The wipes are infused to leave dental appliances minty fresh.
  • Killing germs and bacteria, these towelettes provide a substantial cleaning for when brushing dentures just isn’t in the cards.
  • These can be used anywhere thanks to their compact packaging.
  • Added water is not required when utilizing these towelettes.

Technical Specifications

  • Shipping weight: 1.4 pounds
  • ASIN: B00598DBKE
  • UPC: 738435448899
  • It ranks #93 on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Denture Care, Cleansers.

Product Features and Benefits

The construction of the towelettes and microtexture on them allows for not only the removal of debris from dental appliances, but for killing germs and minimizing odors all with just a quick swipe on the go. The user doesn’t need to add any water, as these wipes work all on their own. These are great for long car trips, restaurants and even daily use when slipping away to a bathroom is just not an option. Hygienically cleaning dental appliances is an integral part of maintaining them and making sure they last the longest.


  • Packaged convenient Packaged convenient for travel and discreet use.
  • Does not have a chemical taste, leaves dental appliances with a fresh mint taste.
  • Does not require any additional water.
  • Can be used right out of the package.


  • It is not an alternative to a thorough proper sanitizing.
  • Can only be purchased in bulk.


These dental appliance cleansing wipes are a better alternative to cleaning out dental appliances in any public restrooms or trying to find access to water to rinse them out. These cleaning wipes are individually wrapped, making them ideal for carrying around. They are gentle enough not to harm the dental appliances with their abrasiveness, yet they are strong enough to remove plaque and conquer stains. Tucking a few of these wipes into a pocket or purse will ensure a minty taste after a quick swipe. Wiping down dentures are not an alternative to regular thorough cleanings, but these do make life a little easier by being so convenient and leaving a fresh mint taste.

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