10 Best Denture Adhesive Brands Available

Many seniors have to use various denture adhesive brands to hold their teeth in place. A new set of dentures should stay in your mouth without any help, but over time they tend to become loose. There are so many products on the market, that some people find it hard to choose the right one. The following is a list of the ten best dental adhesive brands available.

Top Ten Denture Adhesive Brands

1 – Klutch Adhesive Powder

denture adhesive brandsKlutch is manufactured by Oakhurst Company and comes in  powder form. It has been on the market for the last 70 years. This brand has a long history and a large customer base.

This denture adhesive brands benefits seniors who want a product with natural ingredients. It does not contain mercury or zinc and still provides a secure hold. It can hold for hours on end. Some people are concerned about taste but the ingredients in Klutch do not have a flavor associated with H2.  Read Review

2-Cushion Grip Thermoplastic

denture adhesive brandsCushion Grip Thermoplastic is one of the best denture adhesive brands on this list because it holds the teeth in place for a very long time. A single application can last for up to four days. The texture of the product is a paste-like substance and causes less slippage and it benefits seniors who want a product that seals out food.

Seniors who do not want to waste product should look no further. This product will still be in the prosthesis even on the second day and the wearer can wash off the prosthesis without the adhesive coming off. This allows for the prosthesis to stick to the gums without applying more product. Cushion Grip Thermoplastic is also safe for use on plastic and porcelain plates.   Read Review

3-Fixodent Adhesive Cream

denture adhesive brandsFixodent is the most recommended brand by dentists. It has a secure hold that lasts all day. This hold allows for a good seal between the dentures and gums. People of all ages can use this adhesive. Fixodent also contains zinc. This brand guarantees that users will be satisfied with the product. If not, they have 60 days from date of purchase to get a refund.  Read Review


4-Poligrip Maximum Strength Adhesive Cream

denture adhesive brandsPoligrip Super Strength comes in a zinc-free formula. It helps the dentures to form a firm hold on the gum. This hold can last for an entire day. Poligrip Super Strength prevents food particles from getting between the prosthesis and gums. It comes in a convenient packaging, which makes it easier to apply to the dentures. It also comes in a leak proof container which allows users to carry the product to different locations without worrying about it spilling.
Read Review

5-Seabond Adhesive Original

denture adhesive brandsSeabond Denture Adhesive uses strips to fill the inside of partials. This product is not hard to shape to the prosthesis. This adhesive lasts a full day without moving out of place. It also does not leave a foul taste in the mouth.  This product does not make a mess and also has tiny pieces of Dentsym on the strips to prevent bad breath. However, the strips must be changed every day. Read Review

6-Secure Denture Adhesive

denture adhesive brandsSecure Adhesive is different from similar products because it is waterproof. Zinc is used in many adhesives to ensure dentures hold firmly in the mouth but this product does not use Zinc as a bonding agent. It uses a waterproof bonding agent that is effective at securing the prosthesis. This adhesive takes only a single application to last for a full day. Secure Denture Adhesive is easy to apply and tasteless. This product does not effect the taste of drinks and foods after application. It also comes in lightweight packaging that makes it easy to carry.  Read Review

7-Poligrip Super Adhesive

denture adhesive brandsPoligrip Super Wernets hold dentures in the mouth for a full day. The H2 hold seals out food particles. It allows you to chew more effectively  and enjoy your food completely. Many seniors find it hard to bite when dentures fit loosely in their mouth. When food particles get stuck, this increases your risk of getting gum and tooth infection.  Read Review

This product comes in a powder form. Zinc is not listed as an ingredient on the packaging and the drip free package allows for carrying without spillage.

8-Staydent Denture Adhesive

denture adhesive brandsStaydent is manufactured by the Mercer Group. It is one of the best products for securing dentures in the mouth for a full day. This product benefits people who want to feel confident without the hassles that come with wearing dentures. It comes in a creamy texture and extra strength formula. There is no mention of this adhesive containing zinc.  Read Review

9-Effergrip Denture Adhesive Cream

denture adhesive brandsEffergrip is known for its H2 hold. The cream does not wear off after a couple of hours. This means that you do not have to constantly re-apply the cream to keep your dentures in your mouth.

Some people have problems with their dentures slipping when eating or talking. This product prevents slippage and does not contain zinc. Research suggests that adhesives with zinc cause health problems like poisoning and nerve damage. This product would benefit someone who wants to use natural ingredients for holding their prosthesis.  Read Review

10-Equate Denture Adhesive Cream

denture adhesive brands
Equate is a popular brand that makes a variety of products. The Equate Denture Adhesive is similar to Fixodent. It also comes in a creamy texture. This product has an H2 hold and comes in a zinc free formula.
It benefits seniors who want a product for an affordable price. This brand provides seniors with some of the most affordable denture products. Seniors who buy this brand also get a great fit and lasting hold.  Read Review


Most people have to adjust to wearing dentures. They can make this transition easier if they purchase the right denture adhesive brands. The best denture adhesive brands improve the fit of the prosthesis and allows for a great dining experience. You can also read about dentures and the importance of them for your health here.