Best Denture Adhesive For Partials

In the most perfect world your partial dentures would always stay in place, right? However, that is not always the case. We are always on the go, talking, eating and moving about; sometimes those partials just come loose. That is why choosing the right denture adhesive is a necessity for many people. Many denture adhesive for partials are chosen due to personal preferences, as well as, what product really works best for the consumer. It really is a trial and error process for most denture users.

About Denture Adhesive for Partials

Denture adhesives help to hold full or partial dentures in place. Typically, when dentures (full or partial) are new and fit properly, you will not need an adhesive. However, as your dentures get older and your gums start to change it’s not always easy to keep them in place and that is why denture adhesives are important. Denture adhesives also help create a seal to keep food particles from getting in between your dentures and gums that will cause irritations and other problems. Also, dentures that move  frequently will cause gum irritations and mouth sores. That is why it is important to have a good adhesive product. Denture Adhesives can come in different forms such as powders, pastes and even adhesive strips.

Best Denture Adhesive For Partials Review

I have reviewed three great denture adhesive brand products that work amazingly on partials:

  • Super Poligrip Seal and Protect for Partials
  • Fixodent Plus Scope Denture Adhesive
  • Secure Denture Bonding Cream by Dentek

Super Poligrip Adhesive for Partials

denture adhesive for partialsFor a firm all day grip on your partial dentures Super Poligrip is a great brand name product. This is a denture adhesive in a cream form. It helps stabilize your partials while sealing out food that can cause the irritation of your gums. It is designed to help partials stay in place. This is good because no one likes their partial dentures moving while they are eating, talking or doing just about any other activity.


  • Zinc-free
  • No Taste
  • Keeps Partials In Place All Day
  • Specifically Designed For Partials


  • A little On The Pricey Side

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Fixodent Denture Adhesive for Partials

Fixodent works great for both partial sets of dentures and full size denture sets. It has a smaller nozzle which makes it easier to apply on your partial dentures and helps one not overdose on zinc by using a smaller, thinner line. Zinc is okay in small doses in the body, but can be harmful in larger quantities. Also, Fixodent has a minty taste or original taste that many people like. If you are looking for a refreshing product that holds all day Fixodent is a great choice.denture adhesive for partials


  • #1 Dentist Recommended
  • Thin Nozzle Helps With Partials
  • Minty Taste
  • Long Lasting Hold
  • For Partials or Full Dentures


  • Contains Zinc
  • Some People Do Not Like The Taste

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Secure Denture Bonding Cream by Dentek

denture adhesive for partialsSecure Denture Bonding cream is waterproof and will not rinse away when you eat or drink. This makes for a longer lasting hold that is comfortable and natural feeling. Secure Denture Bonding Cream works for full dentures and partial dentures and holds up to 12 hours, or in other words, a full day. It is virtually taste free and is zinc free. Secure Denture Bonding Cream has been nicknamed the ‘Super Glue’ for dentures because of it’s lasting hold.


  • Waterproof, Won’t Dissolve Away
  • Lasts 12 Hours Long
  • Works on Full Dentures and Partial Dentures
  • Zinc Free
  • Taste Free
  • Inexpensive


  • May not last as long as others

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding a denture adhesive for partials there really isn’t a lot of brands that are specifically designed for partial dentures. Many brands claim to work great for both partials and full size dentures. Choosing the brand that works best for you is really about your preference, how well it works for your partials and how the product makes you feel.

If I had to personally choose, although it was a little bit on the pricier side, Super Poligrip Seal and Protect for Partial Dentures had some of the best customer reviews. It was long lasting and designed with partials in mind. Although keep in mind, it’s hard to choose something as personal as a dental adhesive. It’s much like why a person prefers a certain toothpaste or a certain shampoo over another brand. My advice is try several products before sticking with just one. Get to know the pros and cons of each product, and then decide.