Where to Get Denture Adhesive Samples

You may be new to dentures or may be in search of a better denture adhesive product, either way, knowing where to get denture adhesive samples can help. The trick is to knowing where to look. The three main ways to obtain free denture adhesive samples are:

  1. Asking your dentist for free samples of denture adhesives
  2. Calling different dental adhesive manufacturers and requesting free samples
  3. Searching online for free denture adhesive samples

The Importance Of Trying Free Samples

When you are new to dentures or in need of a new product, it is very smart to shop around and know what’s on the market these days. However, buying different dental adhesive products can get to be quite pricey. By receiving several free samples of different products, you can try them out for free before making a final decision on what is the best overall denture adhesive for you. I always say shop smarter and this is definitely a smart way to shop.

Methods of Getting Denture Adhesive Samples

Asking Your Dentist

The first place you should always start looking for dental adhesives is by asking your dentist if he has any free samples. Most dentists get samples from all different companies and would be happy to give you some to try out. Also, your dentist knows your dental plates better than anyone and can recommend a product that he or she believes will work best for your situation. Be sure to tell your dentist if you have tried certain products that didn’t work well for you. A good dentist can help you narrow down to a product that is more enjoyable and works well for you and your lifestyle.

Calling Manufacturers

By calling or going to different manufacturers’ website you can learn more about denture adhesive products, prices and request free samples. Most manufacturers do not mind sending samples to you because it may create new business for their products. If you have any questions about their products be sure to ask the customer representative while you have them on the phone. Their customer service personal are trained to help you with your questions and to ensure that you choose a product that you are happy with. Here are a few manufacturers to look into: 

  • Poligrip



  • Secure



  • Sea-Bond



  • Fixodent



Finding Samples Online

Today’s technology is amazing, with a few clicks of your keypad and your mouse, you can easily find free dental adhesive samples online. The best way to go about this is by find a good search engine like Google and typing in dental adhesive samples, denture adhesive samples or free dental adhesive samples. Be leery about scam artists though. Never give out to much information for free samples. The most the company should ask you for is your name and address. They should never ask for your Social Security number or banking information. It’s also a good idea to search for dental adhesive coupons, as well. Those coupons typically can be printed off and use at any store. Below are a couple links to help you start receiving free dental adhesive samples at home:



Final Thoughts

Dentures are life changing for many people. Choosing the right dental adhesive for you should not have to be rocket science. If you take a few minutes to research products, companies and try several different products you will definitely find a product that you can be happy with. Free samples of dental adhesives really will help you to understand what is on the market today and allow you to choose wisely. Free samples are there for the purpose of deciding on a brand, never feel ashamed to ask for a sample of a product. You will be happy that you took the extra effort to make your dentures more comfortable and livable.