Top 4 Denture Cleaning Wipes

Denture cleaning wipes are great for use in a restaurant, theater or even at a friend’s house after a meal. They are perfect for on-the-go.

It is not always convenient to carry a full cleaning kit everywhere for dental appliances, and unplanned visits should not put a damper on your plans. Keeping dentures clean with a quick wipe down in the evening becomes a possibility with these wipes.

Wipes should not replace a routine thorough cleaning, but they are a great alternative to washing dentures out, especially when it is not convenient.

Small enough to be kept in a pocket or a purse, these wipes can pack a punch for a quick cleaning and leave the user feeling fresh. There is a wipe that will fit into the lifestyle of any wearer of dental appliances, it is just up to them to find it.

1. Clean-It Denture Cleaning Wipes

Denture cleaning WipesClean-It has 40 wipes per box and each wipe measures 9.8 inches by 7.8 inches. Not just for cleaning dentures, these wipes remove adhesive and debris from gums and the palate as well. These wipes get rid of even the most stubborn adhesive. They utilize the breakthrough “Magne-tex” technology.

For optimal performance, consumers should do an initial wipe down with a dry cloth, and then use this moistened wipe for the final cleaning. Satisfaction is guaranteed with this product, so customers should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible if they find that this product is not meeting their expectations.

Reviews on this product are, for the most part, positive. Customers have been completely amazed at how well the wipes work, and provide tips for using them. They suggest starting from the corner instead of the middle, to optimize usability. Of all the negative reviews, there seems to be a trend of comparing this item with a paper towel or toilet paper. It appears that these users failed to wet the wipe to activate the cleaning ingredients and Magne-Tex. When not used properly, of course the product will not operate at its optimal level. These products are intended to be dampened first, then will wipe away denture adhesive with ease.

2. DOC Denture Wipes

Denture cleaning WipesAt a whopping 8 inches by 10 inches, these Dentist On Call denture wipes come 40 wipes to a box. The company boasts “no scrubbing, no brushing, no mess!” as these powerful wipes can clean dentures, palates and gums with just one wipe.

Using a gentle formula, these wipes will not harm dentures by scraping the surface. They work great to remove denture adhesives and creams that sit on gums and dentures throughout the day.

Overall, customers are pleased with these denture cleaning wipes and the results they produce. The large size of the wipes allow customers to get the most use out of just one wipe, even if it is just cleaning the dental appliances out and giving them an additional wipe down.

3. Cleanse Freshen Go Dental Appliance Cleansing towelettes

denture cleaning wipesFolded up into a small packet that can easily fit into a back pocket discreetly, the Cleanse Freshen Go wipes do not need any additional liquid such as water to activate them for cleansing. Usable for dentures, retainers and other dental appliances, these wipes are infused with natural mint to leave all dental appliances feeling clean and minty fresh.

Textured to grab even the most stubborn debris, customers should be advised that these wipes are not intended for use on natural teeth or the inside of the mouth. Dental appliances do not need to be rinsed after using this product, but it would not hurt to do so.

All reviews for this product are positive. Every user appreciates the capability of the wipes to quickly clean their dental appliances on the go. While this does not replace regular maintenance of dental appliances, being able to clean out debris while freshening them is a task that most wipes cannot do. With no water needed, there is zero worry about activating any chemicals in this towelette with a liquid. This makes these denture cleaning wipes the most convenient when traveling.

4. Fresh Guard Wipes by Efferdent

denture cleaning wipesNo water is needed for this dental appliance cleaning wipe, making it ideal for those that are on the go. Wiping away the plaque, film and debris will not scratch the appliance, but this wipe will leave it feeling fresh and minty.

Whisking away the odor-causing bacteria will reduce the yellowing and staining that can happen over time. With its alcohol-free formula, these denture cleaning wipes are ideal for after meals, when finding a restroom might not be so easy. These wipes are not meant to replace a normal washing routine.

Aside from the handful of negative reviews on these wipes, the response to these has been extraordinarily positive. Customers love how easy it is to use them, especially when they do not have access to water. The fresh mint smell is well received by the customers. These wipes work best on smoother surfaces and there are no rough edges to scratch dental appliances while they are being wiped down.


Convenience seems to be the main concern with these denture cleaning wipes. Nobody wants to make a huge scene out of cleaning their dental appliances, especially in public. While all of the wipes are portable and great for on the go, the wipes that don’t need water added seem to be the easiest to use. On the other hand, a person might only need to clean their dentures while out to eat, where a restroom is always available.

Each one of these wipes has their own key feature that makes them a perfect fit for different people. They all get the job done while preserving the life of the dental appliance; leaving them smelling fresh and looking clean.