Best Denture Glue Adhesives in 2017

One of the biggest fears about owning dentures is having ill-fitting dentures that are loose or will fall out easily. Dentures can be a total embarrassment if they don’t stay in the mouth where they belong. Loose dentures can also cause gum irritations, cause food to lodge under your dentures and are just very uncomfortable to wear. Rest assured, most new dentures are tailored to the gum lines of your mouth and should fit snug without having denture glue or adhesives. However, over time your gum lines change and denture glue maybe needed or else a new expensive denture realignment from your dentist maybe needed. Keep in mind, denture glue or otherwise called dental adhesives are a cost efficient way to solve the problem of loose dentures without expensive procedures.

About Denture Glue

There are several different types of denture glues. Denture glues can come in a powder form, as a paste or even as a sticky adhesive pad that fits to you dentures. Powder forms are sprinkled on top of the dentures and mix with your saliva for a tight fit. A denture paste is typically squeezed out in the groove of your dentures and pressed firmly to the roof of your mouth or bottom jaw to maintain a tight seal. Whereas, a sticky adhesive, can be cut to the size of you dentures and sticks right to the denture to help them fit properly. Correct fitting dentures that are maintained well typically won’t ever need an adhesive. However, as I stated before, gum lines recede with age, bones can diminish or other complications can cause dentures not to fit properly. Denture glue or adhesives are meant to fill gaps and form a seal between your gums and the dentures in order to keep your dentures snug and eliminate gum irritations.

Review Of Denture Glues

When choosing a denture adhesive, you really need to think about how well the denture glue holds, the texture feeling, taste and ease of use. Most of these are really about your own personal preferences. However, if the denture glue does not have a lasting hold, then it’s definitely not even worth considering. I chose three denture glues that have been top rated by consumers.

Fixodent Complete Original Denture Adhesive Cream

As denture adhesive creams go, Fixodent Complete Original Cream is the cream of the crop! It’s tasteless and boasts of it’s all day long, strong hold. The natural moisture in your mouth softens this adhesive cream creating a good elasticity that gives you a strong hold. Fixodent denture glue creates a seal between the gums and the dentures that locks out food and prevents sore gums. It does contain zinc for a more powerful hold. In most cases, zinc is okay in small doses; however, overuse can cause zinc poisoning. Overall, this is a great product for both full and partial denture wearers.


  • Strong, all day hold
  • Money back guarantee
  • #1 dentist recommended
  • Virtually tasteless


  • Contains zinc

Seabond Denture Adhesive Pads

If pastes and powders are not for you. Seabond Denture Adhesive pads for uppers and lowers come highly recommended. There is no need for oozy creams or pastes or powdery messes. Simply place the dental adhesive glue pink side toward your dentures, white side toward your gums and firmly put you dentures in place. It is flavorless, and has tiny Destyn dots that eliminate denture breath. Seabond is a great type of denture glue that gives you a comfortable hold for the entire day.


  • Long lasting hold
  • No mess, no fuss
  • Zinc free
  • Flavorless


  • Adhesive pad may need to be trimmed to fit your dental plates

Poligrip Super Denture Adhesive Powder

Maybe you have tried denture sticky adhesives or a denture cream and they don’t work for you, or maybe you don’t like the texture, that’s fine, Poligrip Super Adhesive Powder might be what you are looking for.  Denture creams give you that oozy feeling and adhesive pads can wear out, but powders mix with your saliva to give you a tight hold. Poligrip Super Denture Adhesive powder last up to a full 12 hours giving you a confident smile that won’t fade. It also creates a great seal that keeps food from being trapped under your dentures, eliminating sore gums. This easy to use denture glue is comfortable and works for all denture users.


  • Holds for 12 full hours
  • Original Fresh Flavor
  • Zinc-free
  • Natural, comfortable feel


  • Some consumers have said this is product can be pricey

Final Thoughts

It’s really not easy for me to say what will be best denture glue for you, because everyone’s dentures are different and unique to them. However, if I had to give you my final thoughts on these 3 denture glues, I would have to say I love Fixodent. I like creams. They work well and Fixodent has really great customer reviews overall. The only downside is that it contains zinc. So you shouldn’t overuse it. Use the recommend amount each day, don’t exceed that. Zinc poisoning can cause complications. The Seabond and Poligrip have a lot of great qualities as well. Take the time to look at all three of these products before deciding. In fact, if you call or write the manufacturers of these companies, they most likely will send you free samples to try.
It doesn’t hurt to shop around for the best denture glue for you.

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