Top 6 Denture Repair Products

It’s important to take care of dentures because they are such an expensive investment.  However,  sometimes things happen and they accidentally end up chipped or broken. We go over the top five denture repair products in the following article.

For each problem one might encounter, like a chipped tooth or cracked palate, there are different products available to help remedy the situation as best as possible until you can reach the dentist’s office.

Something even as small as removing stains can prolong the life of dentures. This can make sure that bacteria is not building up and causing any odors or stubborn film.

Top Five Denture Repair Products

1. Regent Labs StainAway

denture repairThis powder helps with one of the more common problems– staining. Coffee, tea, soda and red wine are all known to stain badly. This powder is mixed with warm water to activate. When the solution is mixed properly, it removes stains and leaves dental appliances looking like new. Taking from five-to-ten minutes, this cleaning solution is 380 percent more effective than whitening tablets. Soaking may be performed as often as needed, as this product will not harm the dentures at all.

Aside from whitening dentures, this product also kills the germs that cause odors, leaving a minty fresh taste. Customers have been so satisfied with this product that they have signed up to have it delivered to their homes on a subscription basis. If used daily, this product can also prevent plaque buildup. With up to 80 cleanings per bottle, this denture cleaner is really worth the purchase.

2. Temptooth

denture repairLosing a tooth is a problem that is a bit more serious. While one falling out isn’t a huge issue, getting it back in would require a visit to the dentist’s office. Temptooth provides a temporary solution so that you don’t have to be self-conscious of your missing tooth.

This product contains a detailed step-by-step instruction pamphlet, describing how to make the temporary tooth, along with a web address to view a how-to video. There is enough material to do ten teeth, provided that they are not oversized.

Made from high grade, non-toxic materials, this denture repair product provides a way to make a temporary tooth that is durable, inexpensive, safe, realistic and long lasting. Lots of customers have been impressed with this denture repair product, even going so far as to call it a miracle. The process is simple: take a few of the beads, place them in water to make it malleable, mold it and let it harden. This will work on dental appliances or even real teeth.

3. Repair-It

Repairing cracks or loose teeth has never been this easy. For use on acrylic dentures only, this denture repair kit contains a two part epoxy that is mixed and then applied to the affected area. After applied, the mixture hardens and forms a bond. All items needed to mix and repair are included in this kit. The mixing ingredients, the mixing container and the spatula for mixing and spreading are all within the kit. Some users say they have been able to wear their repaired dentures for a few months after using Repair-It. Each box contains three repairs. Also, the denture repair kit does not contain zinc, which is a positive attribute for a lot of consumers.

4. DOC Repair-It

denture repairThis easy-to-use product repairs loose teeth and can fix cracks in acrylic dental appliances. Containing enough to make three repairs, the repair paste is made by mixing the liquid and the powder provided. Making a temporary repair to dentures may prolong their life by just a bit, and stretch the time between dentist visits.

This is not meant to be a permanent denture repair, but it  does ensure consumers do not have to make an emergency appointment with their dentist for repairs. Care should be taken when eating with dentures that have been repaired as to not break them again or make the tooth loose.

5. Reline-It

denture repairAfter a long time of wearing dental appliances, they actually change the anatomy of a mouth.  As the bones in the mouth shrink, dentures may become loose and lose their suction power. To make slight adjustments, Reline-It may be used to give the palate of the denture the anatomy of the changed bones.

Relining dental appliances ensures a snug fit, making them more comfortable for daily use. Each box contains two relining treatments. The relining treatment is made by mixing a liquid and a solid- two part epoxy.

This is the only FDA regulated relining product on the market, and may be used on both upper and lower dentures. The relines do not dry firm and rigid, instead they dry soft to complement the palate of the user. Dentures can feel like new after using the Reline-It treatment. This does not replace a regular fitting at the dentist’s office, but it does help to temporarily relieve the discomfort that can be associated with ill-fitting appliances.

6. Lang Dental Denture Duplicator Flask

denture repairLang Dental has manufactured a kit to completely reproduce dentures. This of course would be worst case scenario for anyone. In the kit, included is the flask, all of the chemical components to make the actual plaster mold, the chemicals to make the teeth and the chemicals to make the palate.

It is by no means a quick process, but it will work if done correctly and with patience. A novice should not attempt to use this kit as it is rather expensive. It is more of a last resort for someone who has completely destroyed their dentures.


Accidents do happen and luckily there are quality products that will solve all of your problems. If you take care of your dental products, they will last longer and you will save money over time.  Products are available from simply removing stains to completely overhauling your appliances. Something as small as taking care of the whiteness can prolong the life of your dentures.