DTMCare Dental Cleaner Review

What it is and What it Does

The DTMCare Dental Cleaner applies ultrasonic technology and ultraviolet light to aid in cleaning and sanitizing dental appliances.  The ultrasonic vibrations remove debris and leftover food as well as plaque.

The ultraviolet light sanitizes the dental appliances, something that previously could have only been done inside of a dentist’s office. This technology is the same that it utilized inside of hospitals to sterilize medical instruments.

Features of DTMCare

  • DTMCare vibrates at 8,000 vibrations per minute. This movement jostles debris out from hard to reach cracks in dental appliances and works to remove plaque that has built up.
  • The automatic timer allows the user to user to simply press Start and walk away, without worrying about forgetting to turn it off and potentially ruin the dental appliances.
  • DTMCare may also be used to clean jewelry and watches, if needed.


  • DTMCare Dentures may have a longer life span with regular and thorough cleanings. Removing debris prevents plaque from forming, and sanitizing gets rid of bacteria that causes odors.
  • Consumers can sanitize their dental appliances the same way the dentist does. This saves the consumer time and money in the long run.

Technical Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 4.7×4.1×5.1 inches
  • Product weight: 13.1 oz
  • Shipping weight 1.2 pounds

Product Features and Benefits

The powerful vibrations are enough to knock food, debris and leftover creams or adhesives off of dentures, yet gentle enough to be used daily. Removing plaque, this unit can make older dental appliances feel like new again. Pairing a cleaning with an additional tablet or powder, though not necessary, can enhance the cleaning effect and taste of the dentures. The built in timer cleans dental appliances for a preset amount of time, previously determined to be optimal.


  • DTMCareNo additional solutions are necessary. Plain water cleans just fine but tablets or powder may be added.
  • Built in power saver. This unit shuts off after the five minute cleaning cycle.
  • Gentle vibrations do not harm dentures. This unit can be used daily.
  • Can run on batteries (3 AAA) or a wall plug.
  • Contains a removable basket for the items being cleaned.
  • The unit is waterproof.
  • Dental appliances can be cleaned with both ultrasonic technology and ultraviolet light, or just the ultraviolet light, at the user’s discretion.


  • Can only hold one dental appliance at a time.
  • Basin is not removable.
  • The vibrations do make some noise.


Not only is this unit compact enough to be kept on a countertop or nightstand, its functionality is superior. Pairing ultrasonic technology with ultraviolet light for sanitation is an outstanding way to save consumers time and money by not visiting the dentist’s office as frequently just for the cleanings. This unit shakes away debris and removes plaque while leaving the dental appliances sanitized. Individuals can use their dentures with confidence that they are completely clean. Because this unit can run on batteries or a plug, the portability is unmatched. 

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