Equate Adhesive Cream Review

What it is and What it Does:

Equate Adhesive Cream is a well-known brand for quality products and is known for good manufacturing procedures. Equate Adhesive Cream is a remarkable product which is used to fix the dentures onto the gums strongly for a very long time. Equate Adhesive Cream also does not contain any zinc.

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 Features of Equate Adhesive Cream:

  • The Product is comparable to Fixodent Original.
  • Equate Adhesive Cream is a zinc free denture adhesive cream.
  • This Equate Adhesive Cream gives strong hold which is long lasting.
  • The adhesive is available in cream formulation.



  • The zinc free formulation of this Equate adhesive cream makes it a safe denture fixture to be used for long time and it will not create any health problems among its users.
  • The nozzle on the bottle of this product is small and allows for a very easy application.
  • The cream is very affordable and a single tube lasts a long time.


Technical Specifications

  • The cream comes in two tube pack.
  • The weight of the one tube of Equate Adhesive Cream is 2.4 Oz.


What People Think Of The Product (Customer Feedback)


  1. The absence of any metallic inclusion like zinc and mercury is a huge relief for many and makes it safe for use on paralyzed patients suffering from nervous issues.
  2. The cream comes in the value pack of two which helps save a lot of money on the denture adhesive.
  3. The packaging is easy to carry anywhere.
  4. The dentures are fixed for more than two and a half days after use and the feeling on the gums is soft.



  1. The product oozes out a little sometimes if the dentures are not of a good fitting.
  2. The cream isn’t completely odorless.
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This safe and high performance adhesive has become so popular in the denture adhesive market due to the strong hold that it provides for the dentures without containing metallic constituents. The product is so soft and comfortable and can surely help you to replace those harmful zinc-containing adhesives on your shelf.

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