Fixodent Antibacterial Denture Cleanser | A Detailed Look

All denture wearers who wish to maintain the feeling of freshness and cleanliness must carefully consider their options when it comes to an antibacterial denture cleanser. Fixodent Antibacterial Denture Cleanser is an optimal option for a satisfying cleansing effect, one that offers an economy pack and an easy application. This product is sold by Fixodent, an expert in dental hygiene, which distributes a wide range of dental supplies, such as their Plus Gum Care product, as well as their brand of Denture Adhesive Cream. Fixodent’s denture cleanser is also a reliable choice for anyone looking for professional results.

Fixodent Antibacterial Denture Cleanser Details

Fixodent Antibacterial Denture Cleanser is excellent for use on partials; it helps maintain the appearance of newly bought dentures and successfully cleans most residue. For anyone who is afraid of using adhesive toothpaste on dentures in fear of wearing them out too quickly, this denture cleanser is the right choice, due to its non-aggressive approach. Another great quality of this product is that its mixture leaves no aftertaste, so you do not have to worry about feeling a strange taste in your mouth upon putting the denture back after it has been cleaned. This denture cleanser successfully eliminates odor and provides a lasting freshness. For anyone who enjoys coffee or smoking, this cleanser will ensure the dentures stay stain-free. Compared to other similar brands, this particular product offers more tablets per pack, making it a more economical choice.

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This denture cleanser contains three packs of 36 tablets each, making it a total of 108 tablets. The product successfully destroys 99.9 percent of all bacteria originally causing odor, helps remove stains and provides freshness through its Scope ingredients. Dentures, both full and partial, are to be soaked in the mixture every day, either overnight or for 30 minutes during the day, for optimal results. You create the mixture by dropping one tablet into a cup filled with enough warm water to completely cover the denture, and afterwards the denture must be rinsed carefully with running water.


Pros and Cons

The biggest issue with Fixodent Antibacterial Denture Cleanser is its limited availability, as this product can rarely be found in regular stores. In certain instances, the consumers may not be fully satisfied with the effect of the Scope ingredients and the freshness they produce. However, most consumers are content with the Scope taste and overcome the limited availability issue by ordering online, claiming this product is definitely worth obtaining and using regularly, as some have done for years. Overall, the pros of this product are much more persuasive than the cons, making it an excellent choice for anyone who values high dental hygiene.

The reviews for Fixodent Antibacterial Denture Cleanser are extremely positive, with consumers underlining its effectiveness in cleaning residue and maintaining a feeling of freshness, as well as its quality of ensuring the dentures look new for a very long time. The aftertaste of the mixture made from the tablet and warm water is non-existent, as consumers claim, so it is very pleasant to wear the dentures after they have been cleansed with this product. Although this denture cleanser is rarely available in local stores, consumers believe it exceeds expectations and is worth ordering online, due to its many positive qualities.

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All in all, the Fixodent Antibacterial Denture Cleanser is a cost-effective purchase that successfully cleans dentures, while providing freshness and a pleasant feeling in the mouth afterwards. Its limited availability can easily be overcome through online ordering, and its results are just as advertised. I would easily recommend this product.

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