Fresh Guard Wipes Review

What It Is and What It Does:

These wipes come 20 to a pack and are a mash up of Fresh Guard and Efferdent, a leading product in dental appliance cleaning items. Wrapped up for convenience, these are formulated to clean in just a few minutes.

Wiping out dental appliances is not an alternative to regular cleanings performed in a dentist’s office, but it is a great way to keep dentures freshened up in times of need, like when traveling or at a restaurant.

Features of Fresh Guard Wipes

  • Contains an alcohol-free formula and leaves dental appliances minty fresh.
  • These are individually wrapped up for portable convenience.
  • These are abrasive enough to clear off plaque, yet gentle enough to not leave scratches on dental appliances.


  • easily carry on handFresh Guard wipes are easy to carry on hand, making them ideal for cleanings on the go, at restaurants, and when finding a bathroom with running water might not be an option.
  • The actual wipes are abrasive enough to rid dental appliances of food, film, plaque and odor causing bacteria, yet gentle enough not to scratch the surfaces.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 2.6×3.5×5.1 in
  • Shipping weight: 4.8 oz

Product Features and Benefits

Not having access to water is a concern for those that wear dental appliances. Rinsing out these appliances is crucial to performing regular upkeep and prolonging the life of the appliances. Utilizing these wipes on the go is a smart alternative. The wipes do not need any extra moisture to work or activate. Wiping away the bacteria that causes odor, these also remove food and mild plaque and release any film that has stuck on.


  • Fresh Guard WipesAll wipes are compact and individually wrapped for portability.
  • Wipes leave a minty fresh taste on the dental appliances.
  • It is not necessary to have access to water to use the wipes.
  • Does not scratch like using a toothbrush might do.


  • They do clear out germs, but are not an alternative to a thorough cleaning.


Utilizing wipes to aid in cleaning dentures is an alternative to finding a restroom with running water or wiping them out with a paper towel or napkin. Dry paper products will not give a cleaning even close to what these wipes do. The dry paper products do not kill bacteria that causes odors, they do not wipe film away and they do not remove plaque. Unlike the Fresh Guard wipes they will, however, leave behind tiny paper pieces and possibly make the dental appliances even less sanitary than they were previously.

Grabbing these wipes can be a lifesaver. Having them on hand may alleviate the worry when on long road trip, or even after an impromptu meal at a restaurant. Consumers can be confident that their wipes will hold up to the enemy of food, plaque or drinks that are prone to staining. Adding these to a routine already in place or using them as an alternative to brushing, these wipes are up for the job.

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