Homemade Denture Adhesive Ideas

Adhesive denture pastes have been used for years to help persons keep their dentures in place. They allow you to wear your dentures for prolonged period throughout the day with confidence. Oral technology has come a long way, but everything commercial comes with a cost. Denture adhesives can range anywhere from $4 to $ 8 for a small tube. If you use this item every day, the costs can add up each month. Luckily, it is possible to make homemade denture adhesive. With a bit of creativity and a few inexpensive resources, you can make denture paste to improvise in case there is none available. Here are some great ideas for making your own denture paste.

Homemade Denture Adhesive

1. Basic Strong Hold Adhesive


2 tbsp karaya gum powder (from grocery store)

6 tbsp tragacanth gum powder (from baking supplies store)

Peppermint oil


Add the two gum powders into a bowl and mix them together. Now get a small 5 ounce jar and add the powder mix. Using a medicine dropper, add 30 drops peppermint oil, cover jar and shake intensely for about 2 minutes. This will ensure that the mixture is properly blended.


Spread just under 1/2 tsp. of this mixture evenly across the denture cavity. Place the denture in your mouth and hold it in place for about 30 seconds. This hold will last for approximately 12 hours. This is a safe mixture and the odor of peppermint on your breath will last for a few hours.


2. Homemade Gum Paste

If you are in a crunch for time or lacking in ingredients, you can make this homemade denture adhesive in minutes for fitting your dentures.


Several pieces of minty white bubble gum

1/4 cup confectioner sugar


Begin by unwrapping the chewing gum pieces. Place them in a small heat-safe glass bowl. Place the bowl with the gum in the microwave and set it on full power for 1 minute. After heating, mix the gums thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Spread confectioner sugar on a sheet of waxed baking paper. Pour the gum mixture onto the sugar and blend thoroughly. Roll the semi-hard gum mixture and break off into marble-sized pieces. This pasty gum mixture should be wrapped individually in cling wrap and stored in an airtight container at room temperature. It can be stored for up to one month.


When ready to use, take out a small gumball and spread it into the indents of your denture evenly. Put the denture into your mouth and bite down hard. This will keep a strong hold for about 5 hours.


3. Peanut Butter Denture Paste

Gum adhesive cannot get any easier. Peanut butter is infamous for sticking to the gums when eaten. Simply spreading one teaspoon of peanut butter on the indents of your dentures and it can sustain a secure fitting for two or three hours. Be sure to bite hard after applying the peanut-buttered denture to your gum. This can be a temporary and tasty fix until you are able to go out to purchase actual denture paste.

These are some ingenious ideas for making homemade denture adhesive. These methods are, of course, not foolproof, but they are easy to make using convenient and inexpensive ingredients. More importantly, your homemade adhesives will not contain harmful chemicals or compounds to cause undue harm and side effects. So, if you run out of glue or want to save some money, make your own denture adhesives at home.


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