Kukident Extra Strong Adhesive Review

What it is and What it Does:

Kukident Extra Strong Adhesive Cream is manufactured by the established and reputed German Company Kukident. This product is a natural and herbal extract containing alternatives to those chemical based, zinc-containing denture adhesive products. Kukident Extra Strong Adhesive Cream is very easy to use and has to be applied on the interior of the dentures after cleaning them and putting them on the gums. In just few seconds the denture gets completely secured in the right place.

kukident adhesive denture

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Features of Kukident Extra Strong Adhesive Cream:

The cream is made by a German company and is available in tube form.
The adhesive is in the cream form.
This denture adhesive cream contains Chamomile Extract.
There is no mention of zinc in the product.
The product claims extra strong hold and strong gums.
There is no added coloring or flavoring substances in the Kukident Extra String Adhesive Cream.


The cream formulation of the adhesive makes the application of the adhesive on the denture easier to spread.
The chamomile extract present in the Kukident Extra Strong Adhesive Cream helps to prevent any sort of gum swelling and irritation which is common in the denture users.
The price of the product fits well in the budget and makes it apt for daily usage.
The absence of zinc is a major benefit to lose who do not wish to get zinc poisoning.

Technical Specifications

The weight of the cream is 1.41 oz.
The outer packaging of this product is white and orange in color.


What People Think Of The Product (Customer Feedback)


  1. The cream leaves no bad taste or odor in mouth after usage.
  2. The product does not wash away even slightly while eating.
  3. The Kukident Extra Strong Adhesive Cream helps to heal sores on the gums.
  4. The hold provided by the product is nice.


  1. The product is slightly runny while application though it dries up after some time.
  2. The product leaves a slight staining on the dentures which needs to be cleaned each time.



This cream works well to affix the dentures to the gums using a natural alternative to other adhesives. Kukident Extra Strong Adhesive cream surely improves the quality of life among its users.

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