Lang Denture Duplicator Flask Review

What it is and What it Does:

The lang denture duplicator flask is a product that can create a duplicate denture using a patient’s original product. Using this product, a dentist or dental assistant can eliminate the inconvenience of a patient’s long waiting time for a denture repair. The lang denture duplicator flask can make a full or partial denture by using a patient’s existing one. It can also be used to create surgical guides or implant stents.

Features of the Lang Denture Duplicator Flask

  • The Lang denture duplicator flask is easy to use, and available for use in-house, eliminating the need for an offsite laboratory.
  • The product comes with illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions.
  • It allows dental professionals to create duplicate dentures, as well as converting partial dentures into temporary immediate full dentures from an existing set.

BenefitsLang Denture duplicator

  • Because of the ability for dental professionals to use this product in-house, they can provide immediate emergency care for their patients.
  • Using the denture duplicator flask offers patients a more economical alternative by offering a duplicate denture, rather than creating a brand new set from scratch.

Product Features and Benefits

For dental professionals, quick and inexpensive services are a necessity. The denture duplicator flask offers this by allowing dentists to re-create broken or damaged dentures in-house, in a fraction of the time it would take to create a new set in an offsite laboratory. This not only gives the patient a reliable and cost-effective service, but also allows the dentists to immediately respond to any emergency a patient may face.


  • Thlang denture duplicator flaske duplicator flask enables a dental professional to create an identical denture from an existing set.
  • The duplicate denture can be made in the office, in a much shorter amount of time than if it was sent to an outside lab.
  • It comes with illustrated instructions that are simple to follow, showing not only how to make an identical denture, but also how to create a surgical guide or implant stent.
  • It offers the dentist the ability to convert partial dentures into full temporary immediate dentures.
  • This product creates a reliable, economical, and fast service for patients, especially those in need of immediate care.


  • This product is not for home use. It is only available to dental professionals for purchase, for providing duplicate dentures for their patients.
  • Many other materials must be purchased along with the duplicator flask in order for the new dentures to be created.


The Lang denture duplicator flask is recommended for those in the dental field who wish to offer their patients an alternative to costly denture replacements and lengthy waiting times. The convenience of creating a new set of duplicate dentures in-house will please patients, and provide them with the comfort of new dentures in very little time, which will keep them satisfied with the reliable service for years to come. 

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