Best Lower Denture Adhesive in 2017

Dentures can be partials, full sets or just a lower denture set or an upper set. Each of these types of dentures fit into your mouth in different ways and will stay in place in a different way. For instance, upper dentures have to work against gravity more than a lower plate will. So it makes sense to have adhesives that work on the unique types of dentures you have.

About Lower Dentures

As I stated above, lower dentures tend to fit in a complete different way than upper dentures will. In fact, most of the complaints about poor fitting dentures are from lower dentures. One reason why is your lips, cheek muscles and your tongue can easily dislodge lowers. In order to keep them in place, you have to train your facial muscles and tongue to not mess with your dentures. Also, lower dentures can fit poorly because the lower jaw tends to recede faster, creating a smaller ridge then upper dentures have. This excessive shrinking means the lowers will have less suction and food can get trapped underneath the dentures. Poor fitting dentures can cause embarrassment, as well as, mouth/gum sores, headaches and even a pain in your ears.  A poor fitting denture cannot be fixed with an adhesive. However, an adhesive may help stabilize it. Yet, you should be routinely going in to your dentist for adjustments and alignments, as needed.

Review of Lower Denture Adhesives

So you can see why, it is in important to have a good adhesive to help keep your lower dentures in place. I have reviewed three lower adhesives that I believe are the best adhesive to use on your lowers, regardless if it is partial or full plate.

Secure Denture Cream by Dentek Review

This adhesive by Dentek is great for lowers and uppers. It comes in a paste form that has no flavor and is waterproof. It will not dissolve in water, leaving a firm hold that last 12 hours. Secure forms a seal between your lowers and gum line that locks out folds and stops the dentures from slipping. This helps stop gum irritation and sores from forming. It’s long lasting hold and flavorless paste makes this ideal for lower denture users.

secure denture adhesive cream review

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  • Zinc-free
  • Flavorless
  • Waterproof
  • Works on uppers and lowers
  • Creates tight seal


  • Do not use if you have irritate gums or sores, some consumers have stated this brand causes even more irritation and burning if used while you have sores.

Ezo Denture Cushions, Lower Heavy Review

Ezo denture cushion adhesive pads are made from pure cotton, paraffin wax and corn oil to give you a safe, cushiony grip between your gum line and dentures. It locks out food and has a strong hold. There is no mess to cleanup and no bad odors or taste. Many people prefer a cushion pad over a gooey mess.

Ezo Denture Cushions Lower Heavy review

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  • Contains no zinc (zinc can be harmful in large doses, so this is a plus)
  • Flavorless/odorless
  • Easy to use stick on adhesive
  • Vacuum grip


  • If you lower jar is smaller you may have to cut adhesive to size

SeaBond Denture Adhesive, Original Lowers

SeaBond has great customer reviews on their lower adhesive pads. These pads have soft, cushiony hold that last an entire day. It looks out food and limits friction, which leads to healthier and happier gums. The SeaBond dental adhesive wafer pad is easily applied to the top of your lower denture and then you just need to apply a little pressure to seal it to your gums. These are specifically designed to fit your lowers.

SeaBond Denture Adhesive Original Lowers review

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  • Zinc-free
  • Comfortable, easy to use adhesive pad
  • All day hold
  • Destyn green dots to help with denture breath
  • Tight, secure seal


  • May need to cut to size

Final Thoughts

All three of these brands come highly recommended by dentists and consumers alike. I prefer the SeaBond lower adhesives because of the Destyn dots and its natural, comfortable feel. When it comes to a tight grip, it really does hold too. So if you are in the market for lower denture adhesives any of these three are worth checking out for yourself. Adhesives are really based on your personal preferences and dental needs. So try different brands before sticking with any one brand. You will be glad you took the time to test them out.