Mouth Ulcers | Symptoms, Treatment and Causes

Dentures are predominantly worn by older people who lose their teeth due to their age, with the dentures helping to improve their speech as well as making it easier for them to chew their food. In more recent years, however, dentures are being worn by people as young as thirty years old, and that’s all well and good, there is no problem with wearing dentures, unless of course you start developing mouth ulcers, also known as canker sores. If you have removable dentures, then it’s more than likely that you have experienced mouth ulcers more than once since you started wearing them. In this article, I will thoroughly explain to you how to prevent and treat mouth ulcers.

What are Mouth Ulcers?

Mouth ulcers are those pesky sores or lesions that form on your tongue, cheek, lips and gums. They are generally a round shape and are usually red, white or yellow in color. I personally know that mouth ulcers can be very painful and uncomfortable and in certain cases the pain level is right up there with wisdom tooth pain. Mouth ulcers make our lives harder due to the fact that we are unable to eat properly and or have to refrain from eating certain foods. They also sometimes affect our speech, due to swelling (especially if they are on your tongue).

Mouth Ulcers and Dentures

The biggest con of wearing dentures is the fact that mouth ulcers occur. Now many people may think that the reason they get mouth ulcers is due to poor hygiene, well this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, in certain cases poor hygiene does contribute to mouth ulcers, but with denture wearers there are may other factors like:

  • If your removable dentures are too big and are constantly rubbing against your gums and cheeks it could cause a lesion. These ulcers are called traumatic ulcers.
  • If your bite isn’t correct you will certainly get mouth ulcers due to your dentures shifting thereby putting pressure on certain areas of your gums.
  • If you sleep with your removable dentures, you are also likely to get mouth ulcers due to the buildup of bacteria, due to not cleaning your dentures.
  • If your dentures aren’t sitting against the gum correctly, this could also cause a mouth ulcer due to the pressure being put on areas of your gum.

All in all, the main cause of mouth ulcers when wearing dentures are poorly fitted and/or are the incorrect size dentures.

Solutions for Mouth Ulcers and Dentures

Well you can rest easy because there are many solutions for your mouth ulcer and denture problems like:

  • The first thing you should do is make sure that your dentures fit you correctly. When you first get dentures, it may feel uncomfortable, as if they are too big for your mouth. This is normal, but if after a week or two of constantly wearing them, they still feel like this, then you need to go back to your Prosthodontist and get them refitted. Also, after time, due to your body and bone structure changing, your dentures may not fit correctly. In this case you would also have to go back to your Prosthodonist to refit or make new dentures.
  • Use a denture adhesive if they aren’t sitting against your gums correctly or are moving about, as the adhesive will secure them down and prevent them from moving, thereby preventing those lesions.
  • Do not sleep with your dentures, rather soak them in denture cleaner overnight, and in the morning thoughtfully clean them with a denture brush.
  • Constantly rinse your mouth with warm water or a mild salt water mix as this disinfects the mouth thereby preventing bacteria buildup and also cleaning those dentures.
  • Get permanent dentures as this guarantees that you wont have any of the problems that arise from ill fitting dentures.
  • If you are young, I suggest that you get implants instead of dentures. This is a costly procedure, but in the long term, it is more beneficial and you certainly won’t get any denture related mouth ulcers.
  • Also, note that mouth ulcers generally go away naturally, especially traumatic ulcers.

Some products to help prevent mouth ulcers when using dentures:

  • Super Poligrip Zinc Free Denture Adhesive Cream – This is one of the best selling denture creams currently on the market due to it being zinc free. This cream has absolutely no smell or taste and being zinc free it means that you wont get that awful metal taste in your mouth. It also securely seals your dentures in place ensuring that food does not get stuck between your gums and dentures, and also stays strong throughout the day
  • Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser – This product is really a handy one to have. It not only cleans your dentures, but also your denture cases, brushes and tongue brushes. This product contains ingredients that are guaranteed to remove those tough stains and discoloration from your dentures and come individually wrapped thereby ensuring it’s 100 percent sanitary.
  • Repair-It Broken Denture Kit – This product fixes, and mends cracked dentures as well as enables you to replace loose teeth in your dentures and is a must-have for all denture uses, you know, just in-case!
  • Retainer Container Mouth Guard Nightguard Invisalign Cleaner Large – Every denture user needs a denture storage case and this kit includes a denture strainer as well as a denture cleaning brush. The case itself is strong and deep thereby ensuring there are no leaks. It’s made of durable sturdy plastic, with reinforced plastic hinges and is dishwasher safe.

I hope that this article was helpful, and that you are more knowledgeable about mouth ulcers and dentures. Know that you aren’t subjected to suffer with mouth ulcers just because you wear dentures as there are many preventative solutions for this condition. Also, I would like to reinforce what I mentioned earlier — you can always get permanent dentures or opt for implants, as this will save you from having to take all these preventative measures.