Orafix Premium Denture Bath | A Rundown

The Orafix Premium Denture Bath: Set of Six is perfect for people looking to give some away. It’s also great if you’re looking to make a single purchase without worrying about buying more in the future; at least for several years.


Orafix Premium Denture Bath Details

Orafix is a high quality brand known for making several denture-related products. They also have some great toothbrushes made specifically for cleaning dentures. You can also buy standalone baths for your dentures if you don’t need six of them. They’re a bit more expensive if you only buy one, but not by much.

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I bought the Orafix Premium Denture Bath: Set of Six with the intention of giving some away. I also kept a few because I figured that I’d need another one or two after several years. The quality is what you’d expect for the price. It’s not amazing, but it gets the job done. It’s really nice that I don’t have to dip my fingers in the liquid after leaving them in there the whole night. You can take out the removable drain cup and let the fluid drip into the sink without getting your fingers wet. It’s a much needed feature that most containers don’t have. The lock is also a nice little added feature that I didn’t expect when I bought them. It’s actually cheaper to buy six of them than a standalone one. Only buy this if you see yourself needing six of them. They’ll last quite a while, so I don’t really see myself buying another pack. It might be more practical to buy a single bath if you’re not planning on giving any away, despite the higher price per unit.


Pros and Cons

A single unit only weighs about 2oz, so there are no worries about weight or size. Dentures of any size should be able to fit in the container, so there are no complaints there. There are other, more expensive denture baths, but I don’t see myself buying any of them. Some are priced pretty ridiculously. There aren’t really any more features that I’m looking for in a denture bath that this one doesn’t already have. Again, it’s much cheaper to buy several baths, so find out if a friend needs one. It makes a great gift. Just make sure you present it to them in the right way.

The price is a little high, but that can also be attributed to the fact that there are six Orafix Premium Denture Baths instead of one. Amazon Prime gets rid of any shipping charges you might encounter and it’s nice not to have to go to the store in order to buy just one of these. It’s really convenient to have a whole pack of them, although a set of three would have been nice. Another small gripe is that the set of six only comes in dark purple. I would have liked if each case was a different color or if there was at least a little variety. Again, it’s a really small complaint. Green would be nice.

These baths are “premium” for good reason. They’re so much better than the ones you’d get at a dollar store. Don’t bother getting one for just a dollar if it’s not going to last you even a few months.

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Conclusion and Rating

Overall, the Orafix Premium Denture Bath: Set of Six that I bought does its job well. It works for basically any size dentures. Get these if you want something cheap and useful. There isn’t really a good reason to spend more than what you’re spending on these premium baths. I would give this denture bath four out of five stars!

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