Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner | A Comprehensive Review

The Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner – 30 Minute Timer is an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that uses 42,000 Hz high frequency sound waves to agitate and lift dirt from jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures and more. Its millions of microscopic vibrations create bubbles that safely loosens built-up dirt and grime. It is lightweight and easy to maintain, making it ideal for people who travel and have busy lives. You simply put your valuables into the 16 oz stainless-steel tank, set the preferred setting, then you can go about your day.


Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Details

The machine will automatically shut off when it is done, making sure your items are thoroughly cleaned and also prevents the machine from overheating. Unlike other models like the CD2800 and CD3800, which only have five cycles, the Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner – 30 Minute Timer has 18 cycles, up to 30 minutes, so you can clean a wider variety of items. The tank, however, is small compared to the tanks of other cleaners in the same price range.

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It is CE & RoHS Certified and environmentally friendly. It features a 16 oz tank, basket and watch stand. The lid can be left open for larger items. The tank is sealed, to prevent leaks into the machine that can cause damage. You can also get the Ultrasonic cleaner with Digital Timer, which comes with a larger 20 ounce tank, but only has five settings. For a higher price, you can get the Professional 60 Watts 1.4 Liters Ultrasonic Ultrasound Cleaner, which has more power and a much larger cleaning tank. It all depends on your needs. Considering that the Ultrasonic Cleaner – 30 Minute Timer needs to cool down in between cleanings and the tank is not very big, you may opt for a different model if you have more valuables that you want to clean in a smaller amount of time.

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Pros and Cons

I have a few concerns about the Ultrasonic Cleaner – 30 Minute Cleaner. I think that if you just want a small cleaner to travel with so you can easily keep your jewelry or glasses clean, it is a fine machine. But then again, the fact that you can’t use batteries, takes away from that convenience. The cleaning tank is rather small compared to most other models in this price range, which means you can only efficiently clean a few items at a time. The fact that it needs time to cool off in between cleanings, also takes away from its convenience. In my opinion, if you are looking to get a cleaning machine to travel with, then you may want to consider this, but there are cheaper models with the same power and a larger cleaning tank that can easily take its place. The only advantage this machine has over the other models is that is has 18 preset cleaning cycles.



The Ultrasonic Cleaner – 30 Minute Cleaner receives good praises but has some issues. Most complained about the power of the machine. You need to keep in mind that it is not a commercial grade cleaner, so it has its limits. People did like the fact that they don’t have to use chemicals to clean their valuables, simple tap water will do just fine. Also, if you have a lot of items to clean, keep in mind that it only has a 16 oz tank, and needs a break in between cleaning.

It is fine as a traveling machine but there are better options out there. I feel the 18 preset settings is inessential considering it is not a commercial grade cleaner and can only clean so many items at a time. This option is good for its price but you can get better products for just a slight higher price.

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