Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder Review

What it is and What it Does:

The renowned company `Church and Dwight’ manufactures one of the highest quality adhesives on the market known as Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder. Using this Rigident Denture Adhesive is a very easy task and just a small amount of the powder needs to be applied in the space between denture and gums.

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Features of Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder:

The adhesive is in powder form.

The Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder has been approved by American Dental Association (ADA).

This product has been clinically tested for its efficacy.

It provides strong hold of dentures for long hours.

The adhesive formulation is unique.

It comes in a sturdy blue bottle with white cap and narrow opening.



The product is the leader of all types of denture adhesives due to its quality and good manufacturing practices.

The bottle has so much powder that it can be used for over a long period of time.

The narrow opening of the bottle comes in handy for application.

The adhesive provides the best and strongest hold of the dentures over the gums and can last more than a day.

The powder is non-sticky and there is no indication of toxic substances like zinc in the Rigident Denture Adhesive.


Technical Specifications

The net weight of one bottle of Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder is 3oz.

It is available only in a pack of 3 bottles.


What People Think Of The Product (Customer Feedback)



  1. The product has had a strong reputation for years and you will like the strong adhesive strength of this powder.
  2. The Rigident Denture Adhesive powder is not sticky at all upon application and leaves no bad taste in mouth.
  3. The adhesive strength doesn’t lessen even after having lunch.



  1. You may find it very hard to lay your hands upon Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder on the market and currently you can only buy it online.
  2. It’s very expensive.
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Rigident Denture Adhesive Powder is a name that speaks for itself and its quality is well renowned all over the US. However, the product is very expensive and this is a major stumbling block for a lot of people.

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