Sea Bond Denture Adhesive Review

What It Is and What It Does:

Sea bond Denture Adhesive Sea Bond Denture Adhesive are adhesive strips that fit inside your dentures to securely fix them to your jaw. It guarantees you an all day hold allowing you to have all the confidence you need. The adhesive has small dots of Dentsym which prevents “denture breath”. It is zinc free and safe to use for all adults unless you have any health complications, like swallowing problems.

This product does not cause any difficulties when placing them on your dentures. If it’s too big, it can easily be trimmed using scissors. The upper wafer can be shaped into a V to ensure that it does not bunch up. The denture should be cleaned thoroughly to make the wafer hold firmly, use some water to moisten it. Removing is easy and they should always be changed daily.

Benefits of Sea Bond Denture Adhesive:

  • Sea Bond Denture Adhesive is easy to shape and fit.  The upper wafer is usually more difficult to fit but with this product, it can be shaped to fit nicely and provide the comfort you need all day.
  • This adhesive denture lasts for twenty fours without moving out of place. Once you fit it, you can forget about it until the end of the day. This enables you to go around doing your daily work confidently.
  • This product does not leave a bad taste in your mouth. It peels off nicely all in one piece.

Technical Specifications

It has dimensions of: 0.9x 3.7×4.6 in. It comes in weight of 5.6 oz.


  • Sea Bond Denture adhesive has no complicated steps to fit it in a denture. Using a pair of scissors, you can shape it and fit it yourself. You do not need professional help to do it.
  • It’s not messy and when you take it out, it leaves the denture intact. No pain or uncomfortable feeling and you can use it for the same spot the following day.


  • Sea Bond Denture Adhesive is a bit expensive compared to similar products. This hinders some people from using it.
  • This product takes time to shape to make fit. It can be time consuming especially when you are running late.


Sea Bond Denture Adhesive remains one of the most effective products available on the market. It ensures that the user feels comfortable all day and has no side effects. The only drawback is that it is a bit time consuming to place on your dentures.

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