Sea-Bond Uppers | A Detailed Overview and Analysis

Sea-Bond, a Combe Incorporated brand, is a market leader in consumer denture care. While they also manufacture dental baths and dental brushes, Sea-Bond specializes in denture adhesives and is famous for their easy to use denture adhesive seals like the fresh mint flavored Sea-Bond Uppers.


Sea-Bond Uppers Details

Sea-Bond Uppers in fresh mint flavor are specifically designed for use with upper dentures. They provide a comfortable all day hold to prevent dentures from slipping or falling out and keep food from getting under the denture by creating a tight seal with the gum. Sea-Bond Uppers are easy to use and can be affixed to the denture in three easy steps. They can be cut to size for a perfect fit every time. One upper seal will last all day and allow users to eat the foods that they enjoy just as they did before they had dentures. They are made of non-toxic ingredients and are zinc free. These seals are perfect for denture wearers who want a strong adhesive to use with their dentures without the oozing and mess of traditional pastes and creams. Sea-Bond Uppers offer a cushioned feel for all day comfort and a fresh mint flavor to help freshen breath and give the mouth a clean feeling.

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Pros and Cons

The main complaint with this product is the amount of material that is wasted when cutting the seals to size. Once cut, the leftover material must be thrown away and cannot be utilized as a denture adhesive. This is a particular complaint of those with smaller dentures. The fresh mint taste is strong and some users find that, when the seal is applied to the denture before eating, the mint taste overpowers the flavors of their food. Some suggest waiting at least twenty minutes for the mint taste to fade before eating. However, the fresh mint flavor is reported to make the mouth feel fresher than the flavorless Sea-Bond denture adhesive seals and cutting the seals to size ensures a custom fit for the user’s upper denture.


Sea-Bond Uppers are easy to apply and easy to remove and do not leave a mess on the denture plate, which reduces the amount of time spent cleaning the denture after use. They can be fit and affixed to the denture in seconds. Most Sea-Bond Uppers users prefer the adhesive seals to pastes and creams for ease of use and avoidance of the mess and scrubbing associated with them. These upper seals keep dentures in place all day, allowing users the confidence to eat the foods that they enjoy without fear of their dentures slipping or falling out.

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Conclusion and Rating

Sea-Bond Uppers in fresh mint flavor are consistently rated as a five star product. They are an easy to use adhesive solution for a long lasting, mess free hold. Sea-Bond Uppers provide an alternative to the traditional pastes and creams associated with denture wearing. While some users dislike the waste associated with cutting the seals to size, the seals offer a custom fit for the user’s individual denture. There is also a flavorless option available for those who prefer to apply the seals to their dentures before they eat.

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