Smart Guard Dental Appliance Case | A Comprehensive Look

Have you ever been standing in the store gazing at all of the shapes, sizes, and colors of denture cases wondering which would benefit you and your dentures the most? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will be reviewing the Smart Guard Dental Appliance Case. The company, history of manufacturers, pros, cons, specifications, and other reviews of this product will be covered in the review. It will help you decide whether or not this denture case is the right fit for you. This product is created by the Smart Guard company which specializes in the creation of special, comfortable mouth guards for people to wear at night and cases to go with them. This company is well-known for making multiple, beneficial mouth guards and cases using new technology and techniques in order to make them as painless and relaxing as possible. The company was created by David L. Spainhower D.D.S., a TMJ Dentist because many of his patients felt pain, clenching and grinding teeth while wearing their ordinary night guards. He took the opportunity to create a prototype night guard and morph it into what it is nowadays; a night guard that releases the pressures of clenching and grinding teeth. Much success has followed with this night guard. Many people all around us are pain free and sleep comfortably at night because of the new advancement in the creation of night guards. The company also designed cases to go with these night guards that are as high quality as the night guards themselves. These cases are used for dental appliances, including dentures.


Smart Guard Dental Appliance Case Details

There are many benefits to the Smart Guard Dental Appliance Case storage. It would be amazing for anyone with dental appliances and dentures. The storage cases provide a container made of high quality tupperware material to keep and clean your dentures. It is quite deep, so besides just night guards, any type of dental appliance is able to fit inside just perfectly. You can use this storage and cleaning case to keep your dentures germ-free and out of reach of children and pets. The case is also a bright, ocean blue color so you’ll never lose it among common items in the house. Using the case is simple and easy. All you have to do is fill it up with water until it reaches the water line, place a cleaning product in the case, put your dentures in the water, and then fill it up with some more water until your dentures are submerged. Some other items in the same category include the Denture-Retainer-Invisalign Bath with Basket European style Attractive Durable Case and the ProSoaker Denture Holder Box and Denture Brush. These products are very similar to the Smart Guard Dental Appliance Case. They both keep dentures, night guards, and other dental appliance clean and safe, however they are just about the same price expect there is only one case instead of two. Also, these two products have cream styled cases and are not really colorful, which could lead to you accidentally setting it down somewhere and not being able to find it. Although the ProSoaker comes with a brush, there is no need with the Dental Appliance Retainer Case since it cleans itself. That is less work for you!

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This Smart Guard Dental Appliance Case has some specifications that you could use in deciding if this is the right denture case for you. Size wise, it is 2.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches and weighs 2.4 ounces. It is $9.35 with free shipping with orders over $49. You can also choose a variety of shipping so you can have it within two days. If desired, the cases can be gift wrapped and you can purchase multiple orders of this product. There are also two other buying options on Amazon. You can choose to pay $9.35 which includes Prime shipping and about $0.00 in tax or $10.65 with about $0.00 in tax also. All of the cases are brand new. The option that would be the most price effective is the second option because you don’t have to pay for shipping or tax and it is the same prices as option one with more benefits.


Pros and Cons

There are also a few concerns with the Dental Appliance product. The fact that it is pretty large can make it difficult to travel with and fitting it into small purses and bags. Also, the case only comes in one color, so if you don’t approve of the ocean blue, there is no additional option color wise. Another concern is that water and cleaning materials could seep out of the breathing air holes in the case. However, if you don’t fill it up as much and keep the container upright, this shouldn’t be a problem. Overall, the great number of pros outweigh the cons. I believe that these small concerns shouldn’t keep a consumer from purchasing the product and using it for your denture case needs.

On Amazon, reviews stated that it was what the customers were looking for, it was a large size, and that the hinge didn’t hold up for very long. The customers were happy with the quality of the case and were glad that it fit their dental appliances, kept them safe, and cleaned them. Some of the reviews stated that the large size wasn’t exactly a con, but more of a remark pertaining that it can fit multiple dental appliances. One review said was that the hinge didn’t last for a long time. Out of all the reviews, no one else stated that their hinge broke, so it probably broke from treating the case roughly or messing with the hinge. Overall, the customers were satisfied with the product and gave it an average of a four star rating.

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Conclusion and Rating

Based on my findings, I give the Smart Guard Dental Appliance Case product a 4.5 out of five stars. It works for people who need a denture case. It also works as a cleaning and travel case. It doesn’t work for people who are wanting the case to fit in a pocket or small purse. It also doesn’t work for people who will be moving it around a lot because liquid could seep out of the top. In conclusion, the denture storage case is made from an amazing company who wants people to feel comfortable with their high quality products. The sturdy cases are ready to travel and keep and clean dentures and other dental appliances everywhere.

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