Smile Again Denture Cleaner | A Detailed Look

ProTech Professional Products, Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing high quality dental supplies for over thirty years. Incorporated in the state of Florida, they specialize in products that are devoted to removable dental devices including Smile Again Denture Cleaner, a powdered denture cleaner for those with dentures who like to keep their dentures clean and feeling like new with very little effort.


Smile Again Denture Cleaner Details

Smile Again Denture Cleaner not only cleans but also disinfects dentures and other dental appliances, killing the most common germs found on removable dental appliances. It dissolves heavy calcium deposits, calculus, plaque, and mineral deposits, and eliminates even the toughest stains. It comes in a box of pre-measured, moisture proof foil packets to keep the denture cleaner fresh when stored. One single packet will clean and disinfect dentures and dental appliances for seven to ten days, making Smile Again Denture Cleaner a cost effective option for denture cleaning and disinfecting. It is safe to use on all dentures and dental appliances, including soft dentures, flippers, orthodontic appliances, and retainers. Smile Again Denture Cleaner works well with ultrasonic cleaning devices.

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Pros and Cons

The main drawback of using this product is the loss of its mint flavor that some users experience when using each packet for the full ten days. Some users find that their previous cleaner worked just as effectively and switch back, preferring daily tablets over the single packet of denture cleaner that is used for a week with the Smile Again Denture Cleaner. The majority of Smile Again Denture Cleaner users find that its price is comparable to many other leading denture cleaners and enjoy the ease of use and the convenience of only mixing the cleaner once a week.


Smile Again Denture Cleaner is fast acting and effective. Most people who use this product prefer it to all other denture cleaners and would highly recommend it for cleaning and disinfecting. It removes tough stains and leaves dentures white and clean after an overnight soak. It can be used on all full and partial dentures, retainers, and night guards; many night guard users report it is one of the only cleaners that does not damage their appliance. Many people find the once weekly solution change is more than adequate for their denture cleaning needs, and it works just as well with or without an ultrasonic cleaning device. Smile Again Denture Cleaner comes packaged as a six month supply of cleaner, with each box containing 22 packets. It is a concentrated formula that lasts and most users like that they only need to purchase their cleaning supplies twice a year.

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Conclusion and Rating

This is a five star product, with the majority of users impressed with the effectiveness of the cleaning power and stain removal that the Smile Again Denture Cleaner produces. It removes even the toughest tea, coffee and nicotine stains and has a pleasant mint flavor. Those who prefer using a new tablet or packet of powder once a day may find the change to their denture cleaning routine off-putting, particularly if they enjoy a strong mint flavor on their dentures.

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