Snug Denture Cushions | An Overview

Many denture wearers often worry about their false teeth shifting. They are concerned with the fitting and stability of dentures, especially when they’re out with friends and family. The denture may become loose and cause a lot of discomfort while eating or laughing. Also, seeing a dentist every time for readjusting may not be possible, especially when you are traveling. The following article will really help you if you are worried about denture shifting because it will be provide information and review Snug Denture Cushions, which offer a solution to this problem.


Snug Denture Cushions Details

The product is called Snug Denture Cushions, manufactured by the well-known pharmaceutical company Mentholatum. It is a set of comfy and pliable cushions which helps to hold the dentures in their place tightly. The company has designed these cushions for temporarily holding in place both upper and lower dentures. The idea is to hold the dentures in the place so that the user experiences comfort and a sense of security, especially until they can opt for professional advice from their dentists. The company that makes the product, now one of the world leaders in consumer health, has achieved success in crafting this product which serves its purpose effectively.

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Pros and Cons

The main advantage of this product is that it offers almost a custom fit for your denture as it easily moulds itself to the shape. It is versatile, as it can be used for both the upper and the lower dentures. It is easy to use as you just have shape the cushion into the denture by placing it over them. Pressing the cushions all over the outer edges of the denture will form a firm seal between them. You can then trim the extra cushions and find a perfect fit for your dentures! Moreover, it does not have any kind of taste or odor. It is a way to feel confident and secure when you go out in public. You can enjoy a meal, without having to readjust your dentures after every bite of food or even after coughing or laughing.

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This product is thoroughly recommended for temporary use, as using it for longer durations can cause effects like rapid bone loss, irritation, tumors and sores. It is a temporary solution until your dentist can work on restructuring your dentures. You can’t just expect it to be a one-time solution to your problem as ultimately you will have to have your dentist work on the issue, as well. Although the process is easy, it still takes a fair amount of time to make it custom fit.


Conclusion and Rating

Customers are finding Snug Denture Cushions quite helpful. The cushions not only stick to their dentures but also to their gums perfectly. They no more have to readjust their dentures every now and then. The feel of soft cushions is a relieving feeling for the users. The cushions do not leave a sticky mess in customers’ mouth. Some, however, find the whole process of making the cushion custom fit quite difficult and time consuming. Especially those who are older and lack the perfect use of their hands. I would give this product 4 stars. It certainly is a good solution for temporary denture fitting problems, although not a permanent one.

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