Soak and Smile Denture Case | A Comprehensive Review

Finding the right case in which to place your denture can sometimes be overwhelming. There are many options to choose from and knowing what is right for you and what to expect when purchasing a new denture case is key. When looking to purchase a new denture case look no further than the wash and brush set offered by Soak and Smile on Amazon. Soak and Smile is relatively new company, created by Monika’s Marketplace in Sanford, FL. They specialize in dental care supplies. The company carries a total of two products; the dental case and brush and an anti-bacterial dental cleaner in the form of a pill that promises to fight odor, remove stains and whiten and brighten your dentures. Soak and smile has been compared to popular companies like Retainer Brite but has remained superior due to Retainer Brite having a strong chemical smell which isn’t found in the Soak and Smile Denture Case.


Soak and Smile Denture Case Details

The Soak and Smile Denture Case is a denture bath with a unique design. It contains a drainage type design that prevents water from collecting inside your container and possible  mold that may transfer onto your denture. This unique design also makes it possible for you to remove your denture from the container without touching any cleaning solution. The included brush is also an added feature as it can be used to further scrub and aid in cleaning your dentures. One great thing about the denture case and brush is that the container is completely dishwasher safe or, if you choose, it can be washed over your sink using hot water to sterilize the container.

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The denture case is approximately 2 oz in weight. It comes in a large size that able to hold any size denture. It’s an oval shape and is more than large enough to store both sets of dentures, this is an added bonus as you won’t need more than one case for your dentures. It is 3.5 inches x 3.125 inches x 2.75 inches tall and has a tub that is 2 inches deep.


Pros and Cons

One distinctive drawback I’ve noticed among users is that some users complain about the type of material the denture case is made. It’s made of a plastic material and though many have complained that it had broken the complaints seem to have stemmed from a fault in packaging during shipping. Other users have also complained about the brush either being too hard or too soft. Again depending on your preference of how you prefer your bristles. The Smile and Soak company provides a full refund on your purchase between 30 days from original purchase date if you are not entirely happy. Users are extremely thankful for design approach to have a removal case with drainage that makes it easy for users to remove and replace their denture within the container without touching and dirtying their cleaning solution in the main casing.

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With all said, the Soak and Smile Denture Case is great buy for any individual that’s looking for a convenient way to sanitize their dentures The product comes with a lot more pros than cons. The denture case and brush set is the preferred casing for your denture as it provides you with a great option for keeping your dentures sanitized and clean.

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