Spear JP-900S Ultrasonic Cleaner | A Detailed Look

Are you tired of hand scrubbing your jewelry or dentures, and are you worried that even with all your effort your items are still not as clean as you want? If so, it may be time to look at a cleaning method used by engineers and other professionals, as well as countless satisfied consumers. Your best cleaning method may be a personal ultrasonic cleaner, such as the Spear JP-900S Ultrasonic Cleaner. The manufacturer of this product has produced a high quality cleaner that compares well with many more expensive ultrasonic cleaners, and is worth a closer look.


Spear JP-900S Ultrasonic Cleaner Details

Ultrasonic cleaners are an especially good choice for cleaning products that have lots of nooks and crannies in their design. Dentures, necklaces, eyeglasses, rings can all be cleaned more quickly and thoroughly using ultrasonic action instead of cleaning by hand. Anything that is hard to get to with a cleaning brush or cloth is a good choice for ultrasonic cleaning. Not only does ultrasonic cleaning clean better, it’s also easier on your items than scrubbing by hand. The Spear JP-900S fits the bill nicely, but also comes with some added features not found on competing brands. The generous 750 ml volume means you can clean larger pieces of jewelry or eyeglasses. The cleaning tank is also lined with stainless steel, providing additional safety against stronger cleaning solutions. There’s no need to worry about changing batteries, like you have to with some cheaper models. Just plug it in, fill it with water or your choice of cleaning solution, put your valuables in the cleaning basket, set the timer, and go!

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Ultrasonic cleaners work by using high frequency sound waves to create millions of rapidly vibrating bubbles that blast dirt particles at a microscopic level. Once the dirt particles are hit with the ultrasonic energy, they are dislodged from the surfaces they are attached to. The dirt gets dissolved by the water or other cleaning solution used in the ultrasonic bath. The JP-900S operates at a frequency of 42,000 vibrations per second, providing extreme cleaning action. It also comes with a five way built in timer and a user manual.


Pros and Cons

There are a couple concerns with ultrasonic cleaning that you should know about. It can be very effective, but it can also be dangerous for some items. For example, most diamonds contain small impurities called inclusions. These impurities may react differently to ultrasonic vibrations than the rest of the diamond crystal. There is a risk that ultrasonic cleaning can cause these impurities to get larger, or even cause cracks in a diamond. So think twice before cleaning your engagement ring! Another concern with ultrasonic cleaners is the mistaken impression that this type of cleaning will also sterilize things. This isn’t a big deal with most jewelry or eyeglasses for example. However, you may want to take additional sterilization steps with baby bottles, dentures or jewelry that pierces your skin. To solve this concern you can add denture cleaning tablets or a cleaning solution to the water in the cleaning tanks. You could also put your items in boiling water after cleaning with the Spear JP-900S.

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Conclusion and Rating

Based on my review of the Spear JP-900S, it is a top notch personal ultrasonic cleaner. It’s easy to use, and the built in timer makes it a cinch to control. It does a great job at cleaning all kinds of jewelry and personal hygiene products, both deeply and thoroughly. The only drawbacks are that it does not guarantee complete sterilization, and you need to think twice about using it to clean any diamond jewelry. I give this product 4.5 out of 5 possible stars!

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