Staydent Adhesive Cream Review

What it is and What it does:

This cream, which is manufactured by the popular retailers Mercer Group Ltd., is a very useful product that keeps dentures tightly secured on the gums all day. This product is extremely suitable for people who wear dentures often and are tired of the hassles that dentures bring along with them. The Staydent Adhesive Cream helps make the life of so many people easier by providing relief and confidence to the denture user.

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Staydent Adhesive Cream


  • Comes in creamy texture.
  • Staydent Adhesive Cream comes in a tube.
  • The small nozzle type opening is provided in this product’s packaging.
  • The product provides hold for long hours.
  • There is no mention of any zinc in this product.



  • The small nozzle opening in the packaging for this product helps to make application easy.
  • The tube packaging is very convenient and easy to carry anywhere.
  • The extra strength formulation provides really strong hold for well fitted dentures.
  •  Eating and talking becomes very easy when dentures are fixed with this product.


Technical Specifications

  • The net weight of the Staydent Adhesive Cream is 2.4 oz.
  • The tube used in packaging is made up of plastic.
  • This product is available in the packaging of two.




  1. The Staydent Adhesive cream does not make the gums sore unlike other adhesive creams.
  2. The Staydent Adhesive cream formulation is thick and it does not ooze out while eating and drinking.
  3. The hold of the product lasts for more than two days with proper usage.
  4. The cost of the product is affordable.



  1. The product leaves a light odor in the mouth.
  2. The product does not work well on slightly ill fitted dentures.


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Confidence will be instantly reflected in your facial expressions when you use this trusted and widely accepted brand. This product is well suited for long term and everyday use.

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