4 of The Strongest Denture Adhesives Today

There are three basic forms of denture adhesives. They are the glue-like paste, powders and thin liners. Each has its own advantages, but those that are available in the form of a paste are most popular among denture users. These are produced by major denture accessory manufactures and are sold in a tube much like that of toothpaste. Paste adhesives come in many flavors and strength, providing consumers with a wide choice of specific factors. The paste is used by squeezing a small portion from the tube into the indents of the dentures before fitting them to the gum. Not all brands of denture adhesive pastes are rated for their quality and strength. As your guide, here are four of the strongest denture adhesives available today.

Strongest Denture Adhesives:

1. Secure Denture Adhesive Brand

strongest denture adhesivesNon-water soluble Secure Denture Adhesive creates a super strong, long lasting bond between the gum and denture. This denture adhesive is available in two variations: adhesive cushion strips and adhesive cream. In case you are uncomfortable with the texture and feel of the adhesive, you could alternatively use the cushion strips to secure the denture to your gum. Otherwise, sparingly using the cream is suggested for safety and long lasting use.


2. Sea-Bond Denture Adhesive Brand

strongest denture adhesivesThis denture adhesive is available in the form of strips. The use of strips is preferred by many who do not like the creamy texture against their gums. Sea-Bond Adhesive additionally contains an odor fighting substance that maintains a fresh breath while the dentures are being worn. Sea-Bond denture adhesive strips are easy to apply. Simply moisten and apply the colored part of the strip on the denture then immediately afterwards, put the dentures on your gums.


3. Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive Brand

strongest denture adhesivesThis is a very popular brand and one of the strongest denture adhesives on the market. The Super Poligrip brand offers Comfort Seal Strips which provide a sturdy hold throughout the day. The package comes with 40 strips of adhesives for upper and lower denture fitting. This denture adhesive is applied by placing strips on the three sides of each denture. This placement will provide long-lasting, durable hold making you worry-free for the entire day. As an added benefit, the tightly fitted grip provides an air-tight seal which prevents food and liquid substances from seeping in between.


4. Fixodent Control Denture Adhesive Brand

strongest denture adhesivesThis brand of denture adhesive is available in the form of a cream. The tubular container is nozzle tipped, allowing you to apply the paste thinly onto the denture without waste. The cream is very effective and with sparing use, security is guaranteed. This denture adhesive also provides an air-tight seal allowing you to eat, drink and socialize comfortably.


These are some of the strongest denture adhesives. They are all quite similar in their composition, providing the essential security of wearing your dentures. The one that you choose will depend on your preference of flavor, texture and brand. Everyone has their unique needs and hence specific recommendations. However, regardless of which type of denture adhesive you have used before, any of the four types listed will assure your peace of mind because of their strength.